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Blade and Soul guide: Best Soul shields for Leveling Walkthrough part 4

As I update the first three parts of best Soul Shields for leveling in Blade and Soul, here I update this guide about best soul shields for leveling in Blade and Soul.

You second choice for the whole 45 Soul shields is the Bloodshade Harbor soul shield. This soul shield i slightly stronger than the Tainted soul shield. It has much high Christian. So this soul shield you can start using to get Christians. However, its HP is not noticeably high. You have about 40,000 a tree of the soul shield which is still way better than the 17,000 at the profane soul shield. The reason why I recommend farming this soul shield is because the pirate Fraser drops for bracelet Ross from here. The pirate bracelets can be the first bracelet you use your upgrade to get your main bracelet in the game. This i going to be your main bracelet. Its the best and slap bracelet, assuming you are not cure capped. And it i definitely give your biggest jump in AP, because one breakthrough to this bracelet gives you 23 attack power which is a huge upgrade, especially you don’t have a bracelet. The reason why I say it is not best in Sofia max is because if your crit chance is about 60%, actually this bracelet with perfect stats is better than this one. That is only once you are pretty much gear capstone. Take your cat, this is the bracelet. You are going to use and even when you are here, captain less you wan to sacrifice the AP. Most players don’t use these are racing anyways. So it is pretty good.

Now the third choice which i actually as strong a the three soul shields you can get 45. It is actually the NAR. You elaborate soul shield. This one is, however, the hardest so far, because more elaborate is a pretty difficult dungeon. Usually, you have to group with an average tax about 450 to be clear it or just one person with 550+ attack power in the group. So while you are leveling, you are probably have may be 350 attack primary 400. If you really know doing well with you gear, when you get to this point. So you are not going to be helping the group much. You can copy the group that carry you to the soul shield.

The reason why I recommend this soul shields because you can get your Moonwater soul shield from here. This soul shield is a terror attack power and the upgrade to the air in G soul shield stage 1. The total cost of getting the very soul shield stage 1 is about 85-90 and need five. You need 80 relic fragment in the frag rack. Relic fragments are very common drops here and there. On top of that, if you clear not about 10 times, you get a passive three attack power, which every character want because it is going t be your first massive of attack power. This soul shield is the best soul shield for gearing up, because it gives you almost 70,000 HP. It gives ridiculous HP total. Although your crit chance is gonna be about 40%, which is relatively low. The big thing is when you are gearing up for the most important things in your age. He will total high enough to actually survive mechanics to you learn them properly. That is very useful. As for the reason why I recommend using this soul shield, not just going straight to the energy soul stage 1, is because the energy soul stage 1 cost about 30 for your Blade and Soul gold for the parts. So you save about 50 Blade and Soul gold doing this.