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Blade and Soul guide: Best Soul shields for Leveling Walkthrough part 2

As I update the first part of best Soul Shields for leveling in Blade and Soul, here I update this guide.

As you leveling up, the next soul shield you can get is the golden vessel. The golden vessel will show you get vessel will show you get from gold vessel essences. And you actually need to open uses. You will fight any way to get the weapon chest. Weapon chest is for a major weapon breakthrough and it is required to upgrade your weapon. So you are definitely not going to skip it. So you get this soul shield kindly by default. The required level is 29-28 or level 20-19. You can actually use them. They are pretty strong. Your stalker soul shield and your Viridian soul shield should definitely last you about 29. It shouldn’t have any issue to make sure surviving until 29. This whole soul shield is actually pretty strong. It is not something to be using for a very long time but a free upgrade as you are going to get the entire soul shield again. You are upgrading any ways. If you don’t by chance get the entire soul shields or getting your weapon. You can use your weapon like your first yellow rolls. Getting the soul shield is actually easy and very useful for leveling.

The next soul shield recommended is the pinch soul shield or the Scorpion soul shield which drops from pinch actually draw from pension bill fate. Pinch requires pinch essences, the sealing of this soul shield is completely optional. You don’t actually need to use the potential for anything.

I personally always use a pinch all leveling as the weapons that come from the chest actually give you a ridiculous amount of experience. It is a very good way to rush your weapon without buying any element.

We are using up element. You want to save in the future to save those elements. Pinches kind of hard for me to get it yet! I think you only get one necessary to me kill him. So it is really frustrating. This is completely optional. If you are really having trouble leveling your first character and how they are advised trying to find some people farming pinch kill a few times gets message. This soul shield is pretty useful. But this is one more optional one because the next upgrade actually the whole 36.

Now the next soul shield you are going to get is the center lands. This whole soul shield actually is receivable on your horse mirage. This soul shield is purchasable with centralized value stones. It requires two stone each level 36 soul shield. This is going to be the sole soul shield to use for your your endgame. Seven lands in your early moon leveling. However, if you go to the venue ,notice there is a second central soul shield which only requires one value stones each. It is the center lands unsung hero. So just the unsung soul shield is also a very strong soul shield. If you don’t want to get the diva soul shield, it is very much comparable. The reason why I don’t recommended getting is your first character your are leveling and you are having trouble soul shields. You likely don’t have a lot of cereal and value stones laying around when you get to your garage. You are going to need 10 for your light weapons breakthrough, so you are going to save your first 10 seconds for the other weapon. If you do, we get an extra ones you can use it on the unsewn.

There is one more soul shield you can get. It is also a little 36, it is called the sacrifice soul shield. The reason why I don’t recommended this one because it requires unsealing charms. If you are going to get this soul shields, you want the purple version not the blue version which requires 3 unsealing charms each. If you are leveling up 2.0 for Blade and Soul gold, it is a ridiculous amount of exp for your first character. If you are pretty rich and you have the time to farm these, they are higher in farming them. If you are on your first character and you want to save Blade and Soul gold, you want to get good soul shields without worrying about, you can spend an arm and a leg. Don’t get the sacrifice soul shield at all!

There are more soul shields that I will introduce in the next guide. Please keep following my update!