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Blade and Soul guide : Best Soul Shields for Leveling Walkthrough Part 1

This is a quick guide to using Soul Shields while leveling up. What soul shield to use?? Why use Soul Shield?

Firstly, I want to explain why you need soul Shields in Blade and Soul. There are generally three core sets of items in this game. There are your weapons, your main source of attack power which is your raw damage, and your accessories that give you a good secondary statues which is your main source of accuracy as well as your main source of critical damage multiplier. Your Soul Shields are your main source of critical hit chance as well as you are more amazing HP. It is pretty much the only piece of curable which will actually give you a HP. So while leveling, the primary state you look for and soul shield is actually health points. So you want to get your HP as hjigh as possible.

Then let me show you exactly which Soul Shield is going to start with as well as where you upgrade in. The first soul shield you might get is the stalker soul shield. It is received from the Wheel of Fate. She pires the way to get. This is to kill the stalker Jung Shi which is right outside the bass just to the west of the base to the left on the map. He is pretty easy to kill. You can usually solo him. But if you have trouble to starting attacking him, usually somebody in your nearby can come and help you kill him. You can get the essences that drop from him. He drops a maximum of 5 based on how much damage dealt to him. And you use the wheel. And the wheel open at these. Sometimes, it gives the soul shield chest which will contain soul shields. You want all 8, so that is the first soul shield you get.

Now you will be using the stalker soul shield and tell the whole 20. So you get about five and use it for about 15 levels. When you reach level 20, you are in Jayde Stone village,. You will find a vendor here. It is actually right next to the daily board. This vendor has really good soul shield diversity and soul shield which is sellable for your Viridian Valerie stones. If did dailies while leveling, you should definitely have this. So just don’t skip a dailies. Get a faller stones and get this out of 20. This soul shield is actually comparable to the brother of light soul shield which drops from Blackgram Narrows. The problem of light soul shield is that it has slight higher stats which requires unsealing charms open, which makes it actually not. Anyway, cost efficient which makes a really bad for new players because until your arms are extremely valuable and even veteran players. There is no point wasting a Blade and Soul gold on a very slightly better soul shield. Especially, with how fashion upgrade this.

For the following leveling soul shields, you can keep an eye on my update guide!