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Blade and Soul Force Master Experience Share

If you have played Blade & Soul, how do you justify a Force Master reach the highest level?

Look at the below picture, in terms of her outfit, this Force Master has reached the highest level. However, it is not. In general, high level equipment is quite gorgeous. Nevertheless, all outfits in Blade & Soul are just for decoration and they have no stats. As long as you have enough Blade and Soul Gold, you can buy any outfits for yourselves and put them on. Also, you can change as long as you want to.

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Now, Blade and Master is in testing. We don’t know about the future changes of this game, but all quests are story-driven, for instance: gather clues, chase the murderer that killed the master and solve problem related with the murderer.
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On you way of upgrading level, when you complete quests to kill monsters, team cooperation needs more and more. For solo monsters, it is okay. As for Force Master, there are many restrictions and the main problem is inner chi.

All skills for Force Maser consume inner chi, even the basic attack does. If the inner chi runs out, Force Master’s fighting ability will decrease. Natural restoration hardly work in battle, which makes Force Master have trouble in countering monsters in long time combat. If they can fight in group, it will be more effective though Force Master can fight by distance control.

With the upgrading, skill to restore inner chi will appear so that he can sustain in battle. But it is recommend not solo fighting the Boss.

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Force Master should eat food or drink potions to recover Inner Chi as every spell in his arsenal will consume Inner Chi.
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