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Blade and Soul Dungeon Guide Part 2

At the first part of Dungeon in Blade and Soul, we have discussed different mode for Dungeons. In this article, I will give some tips for players when entering a dungeon.

Different from most MMOs, classes in Blade and Soul don’t take on traditional healer/tank/DPS archetypes. Instead, each class has abilities to recover health, avoid damage and damage enemies. Success doesn’t depend on choosing a specific role, but on your personal ability to use skills and how to make full use of it. In order to better suited to assisting the group compositions in different ways, you should be good aware of your surroundings, capable of avoding damage through skills using or movement and how to output high amounts of damage to succeed.

Going through a dungeon usually includes swathes of standeard enemies to encounter a boss. Normally, the boss includes unique mechanics which is used to test the coordination and cooperation of each group. You can see warnings - telegraphs in the standard 6-player version of dungeons. While in the 4-player version, the telegeraphs don’t happen. In order to succeed, you hhave to memorize and predict bosses moves and maybe you need to interact with the environment, therefore you should watch out of your surroundings.

A red tegegraph means the ability can pierce skill-based defenses and a yeallow one means the ablity can be countered or blocked.

When you defeat a boss, you can gain the rewards of the items and gear that drop from it. As for group, the leader need to set the looting method. For some rare items, you can bid for them. Once an item is gotten by a member, others can’t get it. Even if you don’t win the bid, you have chance to get a part of their gold to improve your bidding chance on items in the future.

Tips: taking a portal or leaving the dungeon to the next section of the dungeon will make you lose your ability to bid, or obtain gold from the winning bid.

If you can group with some clan members, you can try to enter some difficult dungeons so that you can emerge victorious with new items, rare costumes, and tons of BnS gold pile to take into the next dungeon.