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Blade and Soul Dungeon Guide Part 1

In Blade and Soul, each dungeon is classified by their overall difficulty: Normal, Challenging and Heroic. It is indicated that you and your group should prepare well before entering. The reason why players in group need enter Dungeons is that they fight for instanced content. Players should try their best to complete quests, daily changes or obtain rare materials which need improve weapons’ weapon.

If you are in a standard 6-player group, you can enter any Dungeons as you like. If not, as long as you are particularly well-prepared, you can enter it, too. It is possible for group few than 6 players to complete a Normal or even Challenging dungeon. In general, only a full party of six players can complete a Heroic dungeon. It is cheap and safe to buy BNS gold on ssegold.com.
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There are some max-level 4-player versions of dungeons in Blade & Soul. This 4-player dungeon is more difficult and can only be set for 4-player mode. Except for increased difficulty, the bosses have more health, do more damage, and have new mechanics that you can’t see in the normal 6-player mode. This more difficult option doesn’t allow to resurrect using Dragonblood. The more difficulty is that the enemy attacks have been removed. However, if you can complete 4-player dungeon, you have more chances to get rare items some of which can’t be obtained in 6-player mode.

You can use the same server Party Finder to tackle either 4 or 6-player dungeons. Or you can press ‘F8’ to join the cross-server dungeon system. Being in the cross-sever dungeon lobby requires players stay there till the group is formed. Nevertheless, players have full access to server chat and to the Party Finder.

The Party Finder can only be visual between players on the same sever. When it is a more manual process, it has some benefits because of being in the same server.