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Best Strategy for leveling FFXIV alt class

As an FFXIV fan, I always want to know some good ways to level alt class. Today, I collect some strategies for leveling alt class.

I am about to hit 30 pugilist and I want to teach players the best way to reach level 15 lancer.

What is the best strategy for leveling alt class?

So I'm about to hit 30 pugilist and I was wondering what the best way to get level 15 lancer was. I've done a lot of my side quests and just realized that wasn't a good idea according to a website I found with a main quest leveling guide so what is best way to get that alt class up.

Way 1

From what I have heard that players can get an XP bonus based on the difference between the current class and the highest-level class, so players can complete class quests, hunting log, and FATE are probably the best bet. Worst case scenario, you can grind levels.

Way 2

Doing your hunting log is one of the best ways as it is unique to that class.
It will get you a tremendous amount of XP.

Although, you can only unlock more of the hunting log by reaching a higher level, for example:
Hunting log 1 - level 1-10
Hunting log 2 - level 10-20 (I think)

You may not reach level 10 just by doing hunting log 1, so after you complete it, you may have to do a couple of side quests and FATEs to get to level 10, which will then allow you to continue with hunting log 2.

Way 3

When I did my Gladiator/Paladin up I stopped at 50 then I started on my Thaumarturge and i flew up through the levels working my way through the hunting log with only basic starter gear, i think i equipped a stronger body, weapon, helmet and legs once to reach level 15, then i did dungeons in order. Used the dungeon drops for gear, buying the occasional stuff when i couldn’t weaver make it

Way 4

Since your goal is lv15 you can have a friend power level you to lv11 (takes 15m) then do all available hunting logs. With help it should not take any longer than a hour and you will be lv15.

After most of your side quest has been done, the best way is through FATE party, go to these areas and shout that you are LFG (looking for group) or LFP (looking for party)...The numbers behind are just recommended levels. If you are level synching most of the time then you are probably over leveled for the area you are in.
Western La Noscea - ~12-18
South Shroud - ~18-28
Eastern La Noscea - ~26-32
Coerthas Central Highlands - ~32-38
Mor Dhona - ~38-44
Northern Thanalan - ~44-50