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Best left backs in fifa 18 ultimate team: 86 Alex Sandro, 86 Alaba, IF Roussillon and 87 Zanetti

We'll be listing FIFA 18's best LB defenders. Be sure to take also look at the specifics depending on what you want out of them, like Acceleration and Sprint Speed if you like to hold a high line, or Short Passing if you like to play it our from the back.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Best Left Backs and Left Wing Backs (LB and LWB)
There are fewer top quality Left Backs in the game than their centre half counterparts, but still some excellent choices from a variety of leagues.

87 - Javier Zanetti— price: X1 425000 coins, PS4 430000 coins
His workrates, High-High. I love it. Because the game works like, even if you set your fullbacks to stay back while attacking, they still will go up, nothing you can do about it, but with high-high they are more promt to run back than other wingbacks.

86 - David Alaba— price: X1 90500 coins, PS4 109000 coins
Alaba is the best LB in the game without a doubt.If you're considering buying him, just do it. You won't be disappointed at all. Seriously the best LB i've used.

86 - Alex Sandro— price: X1 78500 coins, PS4 97500 coins
His pace is more than enough for a LB. With Anchor/Shadow chemistry style he is an absolute beast and he can easily outrun and bully most of the RW/RM/RF in the game. The only player I had issues with is Bale as he is extremely fast and strong as well. Other than him Alex Sandro can destroy everyone against him.

81 - Jérôme Roussillon— price: X1 40000 coins, PS4 40000 coins
He is always in the right position when it comes to defending and is also very useful in attack with his great high/high work rates and stamina. He is also very strong and fast where if you put an anchor on him I was able to defend bale,ronaldo and strong fast strikers and wingers with ease. 

85 - Jordi Alba— price: X1 28500 coins, PS4 35200 coins 
Used him in a 4-3-2-1 with my fullbacks on balanced so that he could bomb on up and down the pitch, he covered so much ground and made so many last ditch tackles and world class crosses.

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