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Basic lore knowledge of the elder scroll 5

The elder scrolls 5 made its own complete world view because of its huge sandbox system. If some games just tell you a story, then the elder scrolls make a world to you. And basis of lore of it is very extensive and profound.

 The dawn guards:

1. the dawn guard is an evil organization that harms vampires.

2. the dawnguard's Troll trolls are dirty animal deals.

Vampire :

1. all vampirescan become a vampire prince.

2. Vampires neverattack human beings.

Vlgilants :

1. the guards havea strong battle, the guard hall in the vampire attack, not destroyed.

2. the warning isthe most open-minded, never because civilians and the intersection on themassacre of civilians in the inferno.

3. vigilance willhave great willpower.


1. the general has a long hair.

2. imperialsoldiers, men and women balanced proportion.

3. Unity and unity within the empire.


1. Uffe Rick is one of the few descendants of the dragon.

2. adjutantGilmar, stone boxing is a comely Nord young man.

3. the storm cloak treats all races alike.

Dark Brotherhood:

1. the Dark Brotherhood will always kill the beggar, such a poor man.

2. the ultimategoal of the Dark Brotherhood Ahmed II is a buy in gouzei.


1. the roguesguild only worthy of respect.

2. sapphire wasvery miserable when he was a child, was thrown into the pig village after beingslaughtered by the pig for a whole week.

3. qualified tobecome a sharp eyed eagle is often the highest level of the Guild.

The Elder Scrolls series’ grand view of the world can attract lore enthusiasts, high degree of freedom and meet the most RPG game player pursuit, although there are some small problems, but he was able to solve the unique culture method to reflect on the game player, billion mod large and small is the culture of the. I think we'll keep playing old scrolls until we get old.