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ARGO Online 16 Classes Details

<p>Post-apocalyptic action MMORPG <a href="http://feature.mmosite.com/argo/" target="_blank">ARGO online</a> will come to NA and EU in early 2011 but currently the official site doesn't tell too much about the game. Luckily the game will be released in Japan soon so we can dig out more from Japanese source. Today we're going to share the class details of the 2 races (Noblian and Floresslah) with you. All the classes info is from <a href="http://argo.mgame.jp/feature/shokugyou.html" target="_blank">Japanese ARGO website</a>.</p> <p><b>Front line classes</b></p> <p>Including aggressive classes that use pole arm and the defensive ones that use sword & shield. They fight in the very front of the group. You can treat them as warrior, or tank.</p> <p>The aggressive classes include <b>Assilant (Noblian) and Rancer (Floresslah)</b> and they use polearm as primary weapon. With outstanding attack power and a variety of skills, they can easily oppress the enemies. The gender is male only.</p> <ul><li>Skill attack: 6/10 </li><li>Normal attack: 7/10 </li><li>Physical defense: 7/10 </li><li>Magical defense: 2/10</li></ul> <p align="center"><img alt="ARGO online" src="http://img4.mmo.mmo4arab.com/news/2011/01/16/argo/1.jpg" width="420" border="0"><br>Assilant and Rancer</p> <p>The defensive frontline classes include <b>Defender (Noblian) and Fencer (Floresslah)</b>. Unlike Assilant and Rancer who focus on attack, Defender and Fencer are balanced on attack and defense. They use sword as primary weapon and have a good number of defensive skills to ensure their excellent survivor ability. Still, only male character are available for these 2 classes.</p> <ul><li>Skill attack: 6/10 </li><li>Normal attack: 5/10 </li><li>Physical defense: 9/10 </li><li>Magical defense: 2/10</li></ul> <p><img alt="ARGO online" src="http://img3.mmo.mmo4arab.com/news/2011/01/16/argo/2.jpg" width="420" border="0"></p><p><div class="news_con"> <p><b>Range classes (magical attack)</b></p> <p>Attacking from a distance and fighting behind the frontline warriors, range classes include single attack style and range attack style.</p> <p>First we have <b>Gunner (Noblian) and Wizard (Floresslah)</b> who focus on single target. Their primary weapons are small guns and most of their abilities are magic skills. They are capable of dealing huge damage to single target and at the same time, have certain supportive skills for self protection. For these 2 classes, Gunner is male character and Wizard is female only.</p> <ul><li>Skill attack: 7/10 </li><li>Normal attack: 6/10 </li><li>Physical defense: 2/10 </li><li>Magical defense: 7/10</li></ul> <p align="center"><img alt="ARGO online" src="http://img3.mmo.mmo4arab.com/news/2011/01/16/argo/3.jpg" width="420" border="0"><br>Gunner and Wizard</p> <p>For range attack, there are <b>Phalanx (Noblian) and Warrock(Floresslah)</b>. They use cannon and heavy guns together with AOE skills to do range attack. Their do magical attacks, too and need the other classes' protection due to not having good defense. Similar to the above 2 classes, Phalanx is male and Warrock is female.</p> <ul><li>Skill attack: 7/10 </li><li>Normal attack: 6/10 </li><li>Physical defense: 2/10 </li><li>Magical defense: 7/10</li></ul> <p align="center"><img alt="ARGO online" src="http://img2.mmo.mmo4arab.com/news/2011/01/16/argo/4.jpg" width="420" border="0"><br>Phalanx and Warrock</p> </div><p>Middle field classes

Perhaps middle field isn't a suitable word to describe the 4 classes below, but middle field is exactly where they stay (behind warriors and in front of rangers). These classes are good at both physical attack and defense and include close combat style and range attack style.

First is 2 range classes: Sniper (Noblian) and Hunter (Floresslah) and the difference to the range classes in previous page is that Sniper and Hunter use physical attack and have comparatively good defense. These 2 classes attack single target and Sniper is female class while Hunter is male.

ARGO online
Sniper and Hunter

Next are 2 close combat classes: Twinedge (Noblian) and Mercenary (Floresslah). Using dual blades and having unparalleled attack speed and power, they can end the enemies' life in a flash. In addition, they have the ability to dodge the opponents' attack and do sneaking when it's necessary. Their weakness is defense. For gender restriction, Twinedge is female class and Mercenary is male.

ARGO online
Twinedge and Mercenary

Supportive classes

Except for healing teammates and giving buff, they can summon beasts to increase their power.

Supply (Noblian) and Oracle (Floresslah) focus on summoning more than healing. Their primary weapon is dagger and they summon creatures to gain additional skills. Healer (Noblian) and Cleric (Floresslah) specialize on healing and they use staff while have quite a lot of healing skills. All of the 4 classes are female and their attributions are the same.

  • Skill attack: 6/10
  • Normal attack: 7/10
  • Physical defense: 7/10
  • Magical defense: 2/10

ARGO online
Supply and Oracle

ARGO online
Healer and Cleric