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APB: Reloaded Upgrades Its Official Site for the Upcoming Beta

APB: Reloaded's official site has received a completely update as the Closed Beta is coming our way(in late February). Now there's a forum for APB: Reloaded while the official blog section will remain unchanged. Besides, you can still apply for a CB key by entering your email address on that page.

The developer has announced before that they will allow players of old APB to reclaim their accounts in some ways. Names, symbols and costumes are very likely to be saved to the new game while avatars, weapons, vehicles and upgrades are still to be decided. Although things like progression and RTW Points won't come back, it's still a good deal for old APB gamers.

GamersFirst also releases an FAQ for the game and you can find it here. According to the developer, the game currently has its servers located in 4 different areas: Irvine, CA, Washington D.C., Frankfurt, DE and San Paulo, Brazil. For the closed beta, GamersFirst will only open the servers in California. Last, probably good news for APB fans, the game will be released in the first half of 2011.