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All about ESO Update 23

There are some changes for ESO Update 23 today, specifically for GUILDS, CRAFTERS, AND THE UNDAUNTED.

ESO Update 23

Undaunted Keys

In Update 23, Undaunted Keys will now be a currency and won’t take up inventory or bank space.  In addition, the Undaunted quest-givers Maj al-Ragath, Glirion the Redbeard, and Urgarlag Chief-bane will also now be merchants. Trade one key for a mystery coffer for a reward similar to one you may have found in an Undaunted chest.

Guild Traders

Update 23 also introduces multi-bidding for Guild Traders, it means now Guild Leaders have the ability to place bids on up to 10 different Guild Traders each week.

By bidding different amounts on different Guild Traders, you can set your preferences and priorities. Should you miss your first preference, the game will check your second choice and so on. Even if you have winning bids for more than one Guild Trader, you are awarded the location that you placed the highest bid on.

Bulk Crafting

Finally, we’ll be able to craft multiple items at once via bulk crafting. There’s actually a pretty handy GIF on their site, so check it out for a visual on how it works. 

All of the updates and improvements above are coming free for all ESO players in tandem with the Scalebreaker DLC game pack launch. If you’re looking forward to these changes to crafting, and buy elder scrolls online gold just in case, please pay continuous attention to our site!