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Aion new expansion: Upheaval launches on June 17

The launch day of the next Aion expansion, Upheaval, is June 17, NCSoft has announced. This is yet another completely free expansion. What is waiting ahead in two weeks’ time in Aion?


1. New zones-- Cygnea and Enshar, with equally new creatures and quests

2. New raids-- Stonespear Reach and Drakensipre Depths, a living prison with a very special prisoner.

3. New land-claiming Territory Battles system-- The ability to claim bases and areas of land for your legion

4. Revamped Stigma system and the skill user interface

5. New weapon and armor sets -- for those Daevas who want to look their best when they finally face Dragon Lord Beritra


More can be found on the Aion site.


And if you want to hear the story behind these newest lands that have risen from their watery prison under the sea, you can watch the lore cinematic below. 

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