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Aion Dungeon Guide: Aturam Sky Fortress

Aturam Sky Fortress is the first dungeon that you will encounter in the Aion new patch 3.0. These dungeons really badly hit and so many mobs on stealth which makes them hard to defeat and quite challenging.

You can get a blue set or you may get fable ring, earrings and belt if you are lucky enough. Once had killed 4 mobs, go down the elevator and pick up the quests from the fake balaur. Though you may not need XP, you should take the quest as you need kill those mobs away anyway.

Then you need to kill about five Crystals. Kindly remind you there is 1 mob invisible and 1 visible near each crystal. There will be one more mobs spwaming to attack you.

After killing five more mobs, go for the first boss. If you had some good Aion items which you can be bought with Aion Kinah, it is not difficult at all. You’d better keep some burst damage for the last 25% as he starts to spwam lots of walking bombs at that time and you need to avoid as they explode for about 3 thousand damage on you. Refer to below screenshot.

Now that you have gone out through the fist door, you will see the fake balaur quest giver on your left. Another opened door appears. The way to to the next boss called Weapon H.
After killing the first mob, you will see a crystal at your right hand. Click on it and you will get Sayan powers. More attack speed, more attack and more of everything basically. You will have that buff for the rest of the instance except the last boss.
The path to the boss is pretty much linear, lots of mobs again, very hard to take just 1 and kill.

Weapon H is a very easy fight with just 1 trick. First of all, you need to kill the first thing in front of the boss. After that, the boss will be around by a shield and you need to kill those four small boxes around the arena where the boss stands previously. Kitting the boss as you may suffer lots of damage. Also, he has a skill which can be used once every 40 seconds and with which he can pull you and use a damage spell that cause about 3.5k damage. Use running scrolls and any other speed buffs you need to kite him and get out of the AoE skill.

Now you will be continuously using this machine: go at the landing zone and click on the middle one. A cinematic will show you how to fly an area with a great many balaurs. The fights are extremely easy and a machine with just 4 buttons will be made to kill and stunt. After having killed the bordes of balaurs, the last boss will destroy your machine.

If you are not so good at gearing, you should buy good gears as the last boss is qutie hard to defeat.

It is suggested you have all buffs possible and all cooldowns ready.