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Aion Daevanion Boots Quest Guide

This is the first quest in Aion. Though some of players think it is quite easy, in fact, it is not. But if you have Spiritmaster friends help you, it becomes quite easy.

Accept the quest from Kahrun and spend 13 minutes to run around Tiamaranta and Sarpan and talk with 4 NPC’s. You need check the NPC’s locations firstly in case it takes too much time. You can use some skills and buffs to enhance your running speed. In case of failure, you can put up a Kisk on one of the locations and then rez.
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After accepting the quest, fly to Western Guardian Seal to talk to Emita who is on top of a tower. When you see a mob right at the stairs, CC it and keep moving.

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After then, use a Kamar scroll and fly to Hushblade Garrison where you can talk to Ampria. Look at the map at Ampria location where you need to jump and glide it.

Then it is recommended you return set on Notus Outpost to reduce the time of flying from Raccora to Notus. Also, you can set your Return for Cindercone, which is shorter than that from Notus to Raccora.

Once arriving at Notus Outpost, run behind it and find the portal shown in the map.

This portal will take you from where you have to jump and glide on the highest floating Island to the 3rd NPC location.
After then, you can set up your Return fly to Cindercon and exit the outpost and keep running on the right side around the mountain.

Talk with Tinotia scroll to Kamar and return to speak to Kahrun. Or you can ask some Spirimaters for summoning you at the NPC’s location, which is much easir.

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