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Aion Beginners Guide Part 1 - How to Choose Class

Firstly, I want to talk about Class of Aion. Gladiator is a quite strong Class in the latest version. It is easy for Gladiator to download Copies and PVP, while it is the requirement of equipment is quite high for Gladiator, which means it is not easy for Gladiators to get high EXP. Templar, it is not a recommended Class for beginners as it has week PVP output. Assassin has high copy level and strong PVP but with hard operation, so it is not suggested for newbies. Ranger is a cold class with little copies when you need to play copies and Rangers are easy to be defeated in the wild. Sorcerer is good for beginners as it has many copies, strong PVP and it has low equipment requirement.
Aion Kinah
Elves, and Sorcerer are the same, but in my opinion, its operation is a little simpler than Sorcerer with a high output for copies and strongest PVP which is nearly no fear of any Class, so it it the most recommended Class.

Nurse, which is difficult to evaluate, has low equipment requirement when download copies but you should know how to increase blood. If you play level by level by yourself, you will have good PVP, strong life ability and the highest position on copies. Chanter has low equipment requirement and it is quite easy to download copies with little pressure. The only weakness for Chanter is the weak PVP. All in all, it is still a good class for beginners to choose.  

Lancer has great strong PVP, which makes it has great power to battle with enemies. But it has few copies for Lancer and it has low copy inferiors. You should be careful to choose it. Bard can be added blood or blue and it has output. PVP is just so so and copy inferior is quite low. I am a Bard. According to my experience, it is hard to group a team to play copy so that many copies are challenged by myself. Bard has low copy inferior is because of its low output, at this point, Bard is weak than Spiritmaster.

Aion Kinah

It is not recommended that beginners spend lots of Aion Kinah leveling to full level all the way without any stops, especially for Nurse! Many veteran players choose to play Nurse. They follow some full level players to play till get full level. On the way to full level, they make many teammates dead because of not familiar with skills and operation. For fresh players, you’d better follow the main story and train levels slowly for better familiar with skills and story plot. If you really have veteran friends who can make you train full level fast, just follow them for a few levels. Or you can find some full level players and spend millions of Aion Kinah on potion skill book. Nevertheless, many fresh players has less Aion gold to buy skill book. If you encounter with some friendly full level players who are willing to carry with you to follow them, and you may get millions of Aion gold from them. At level 18, there is a single person copy called Sahara Mel and there is a copy called Nightmare at level 40. There is quest requirement for Nightmare. If you play these tow copies, you can train quite fast. If you have questions, you can search on Google or ask in game. If there is no response, just ask for several times, someone will reply you definitely.

Also, if you think the skill bar is not enough, you can get more in settings for a few more to find by your own.Remember transfer the perspective to the farthest, which can set in Settings, which is quite  convenient. To be careful when pinch people. It is quite expensive to become more curly. Key TAB can automatically lock your nearest enemies and monsters, which is very convenient.

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