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Aion Asmodian Leveling Guide: 5 - 6 (Munihele Forest)

According to my previous guide about Aion Asmodian, today I want to keep update for level 5-6. Though it is a little improvement, it needs great efforts.

When reaching Munihele Forest, you should hand in your quest to Motgar and accept the other quest here. Also you can track the below quests:

Token of a Lost Love
Where's Rae?
The Insect Problem
Sap for Leather

As for solving the Insect Problem, you can select the first option to hunt Sparkies. First of all, you should head south to Verdandi. When arriving at Verdandi, you can hand in your quest and accept the quest - Verdandi.

If you want to kill 7 whitefoot Daru, you just keep killing Arma Snufflers till get the Shiny Silver Ring and kill 10 Grave Sparkies.
Aion Gold
Whitefoot DaruGrove SparkieArma Snuffler

All of these three mobs can be found in the Forest Area. Once completing all of these three quest, go back to Verdandi and hand in your quest. Accept the “follow up” and find the “Sticky Mushroom” in the forest. They can be fond around stumps, rocks and trees. Once finding it, loot it and go back to Verdadi and accept the follow up.

Sticky Mushroom

You will have a chance to glance an eye of your future where you should speak to the NPC and go through a quick clip of you flying over the air. When landing, you go back to the world. You should buy Aion Kinah in case you need good equipment.

Now you should refresh your quest at Verdandi and check all of the frogs around her. When talking to the called Cute Ribbit frog, it will turn into Rae who can help you complete your quest.

Cute Ribbit
Go back to Motgar and Dabi and hand in your quest. Then you can go on along the path to Anturoon Crossing.
Anturoon Crossing

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