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Aion 2.1 Part 2 Features Guide

 The 2.1 update focuses on lowering the difficulty of obtaining items. There are two parts of this update, one was to increase the item drop rates, and the other is to make changes to crafting and quests. These update 2.1 includes changes to crafting and quests deployed to live servers.

Now, the current updates focuses on reducing the burden of crafting, increasing quest rewards and lowering the difficulty of some quests. At the same time, it is much simpler to obtain Balic designs in order to encourage more players to try crafting. 

Simplify Level 50 Daevanion Quests
In the past, the level 50 Daevanion quests were quite difficult to complete, now it becomes easier!

Adjustments to quest difficulty and rewards
In update 2.1, the difficulty of spy quests have lowered and the number of repeats of some repeatable quests. Besides, for clearing Campaign Quest as a must, it increases significance to it. To complete quests easier, you can buy Aion Kinah from ssegold to buy items and armors for you!
Quest NPCs always spawn at designated times
NPCs that used to have a chance to spawn designated times now always spawn at those times.

No More Tears shed over the Tears of Luck?
Though this updates makes some aspects become easier, the chance of obtaining Tear of Luck and Light of Luck has increased. To complete the final Level 50 Daevanion Quest needs Light of Luck or Tear of Luck which can be gotten from gathering. However, the chance of gathering has increased significance. You can gather Asmodians from Grobule, Leopios or Cippo, and Elyos from Griffonia, Perer or Lunime.

Instead of obtaining Light of Luck or Tear of Luck from gathering, all group members can receive them.  

Defeating Captain Zanata on the Chantra Dredgion now counts towards killing a Dredgion Captain.

If you are players above level 50, it becomes quite easier to complete this quest. There are better Campaign Quest Rewards, including bundles of manastones, a range of other items and enchantment stones.

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