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AIKA Global Fights Back by Opening the Door to NA Gamers

AIKA NA just announced to re-open the door to European players on February 17th, for purpose of increasing the population in NA servers. Now AIKA Global fights back and they made a similar decision to allow North American players to join the Global servers, and the IP block will be lifted on February 17th, too. Well, seems that AIKA NA and Global will never get on well with each other.

In the April of 2010 gPotato decided to ban non-NA IP for AIKA and AIKA Global was announced at the same time by T3fun. It's a sudden announcement for both North American and European players at that time, and AIKA and AIKA Global banned each other's IP. Now it's a sudden announcement again but this time both North American and European players have two choices and the question is: will you stay, or leave?

The two versions are basically the same in terms of game contents and what may affect your choice could be: 1. Servers: depending on your region, you may choose the one that has less lag. 2. Players: generally AIKA Global has players from many different countries while AIKA NA's are Americans, Canadians and a few Europeans. 3. Publisher: that's completely depends on individual.