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Aerrevan to be Released on November 25th

Today CubeForce Media has announced their Early Adopter release of Aerrevan is poised to be released on November 25th 2010. This Early Adopter release is the first stage of the Aerrevan gold launch, giving players the ability to get a head-start in the world of Lurris for a great deal. Early Adopters of Aerrevan pay only $39.95 for the full Aerrevan client with a special introductory offer of two months of game time free! Early Adopters also gain access to CubeForce Media's unique community driven development pack system, where customers get to vote on what new content and features the developers add first.

"We have an ongoing commitment to our customer base in regards to the development of new and exciting content for Aerrevan," said Project Manager Sean Oosterveen, "Our Early Adopters will clear the path for the future expansion of Aerrevan and will find themselves at the helm of an exciting and dynamic player experience. We plan to work directly with our community to make sure Aerrevan is as good of a game as it can be."

Early Adopter pre-orders are poised to go on sale November 18th 2010. As a special bonus, pre-order customers can reserve up to two character names (available on a first come, first serve basis), and pre-download the game client three days before the launch date! Pre-order customers will also receive one additional month of free game time! The Early Adopter and pre-order deals are only available for a short time, so act now to get three months of game time free.