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About the DLC of ESO online

the DLC of ESO online

Elder scrolls online adventure may have just started, but this does not prevent ZeniMax Online Studios team to bring you more beautiful content. In the 2017 E3 news conference, Bethesda announced the launch of two new DLC bags to the Elder Scrolls online. The "Dorn" corner was released in August this year, and the clockwork city DLC will be launched later this year on Bethesda's fantasy MMO.

The arrival corner will introduce two new dungeons (Bloodroot, Forge and Falkreath Hold), full of passion, so that your adventure rolling up. The DLC pack will also include new items, monsters, masks and achievements. You will be able to catch Horns of the Reach through the in-game Crown Store.

When the League corner starts, the base game will also get a major (free!)! To update. This update will include a new Battlegrounds map (Arcane University) and a new battlefield rule (chaos ball), in addition to new homes, furniture, cosmetics, Crown, Crates and holiday activities. All ESO players can use this update (although only Morrowind owners can access battlefield content), even if they do not receive tentacles".

Update 16 will open the gates of the Clockwork City, a “mysterious mechanical world” that spans an entire zone and contains a new story involving a Daedric conspiracy to experience. The Clockwork City doesn’t require Morrowind to access, but it does draw upon the expansion’s predecessor, where the City was also present 700 years in the future. Players will explore this clockwork realm, performing quests, defeating world bosses, racing against trials, and conquering delves.The team also is pretty excited about a new system, transmutation, that will allow you to change the traits on your gear via crafting and transmutation crystals.

Not interested in buying it? You’re still going to get something free with the patch when it arrives sometime later this year: Update 16 brings a free base game update tha includes a new Battlegrounds game mode (ESO: Morrowind owners only), Xbox One X support, and a host of additional base game fixes, updates, and additions. If you need help about the ESO or DLC, please click: https://www.ssegold.com/eso-gold.