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A System Error -2146697208 Has Occurred FFXIV

I'm getting an error message on start-up(A System Error Has Occured: -2146697208), that crashes the game. 

1. Deleting everything from internet explorer (cleaning cache) helped me with this issue.

2. Version is not consistent between FFXIV boot, updater and FFXIV lancher, please restart the game, if restarting game the game does not solve the problem attempt the following procedures
1. delete temporay internet files 
2. disable or change yor proxy server
3. Reinstall FFXVI

3.When FF14 updates, it deletes or loses the valid certificate for the launch client. Even if Internet explorer isn't your default browser, it uses IE to launch the client.
1. Open Internet Explorer 
2. Click on internet options 
3. Click Advanced 
4. Make sure "Always run or install software even if certificate is invalid" 
5. Open FF14 Client again.

You'll now be able to log in and download the game update which will also download a valid browser certificate.