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A guide to adventurers of elder scrolls online

Each new ESO player is not sure of what he will be like on the elder scrolls online, and every choice he makes at the beginning can affect the next adventurer. The most important thing is to play your favorite way of playing. The enhanced elder scrolls online combat system allows you to perform real-time targeting and strategic attacks and blocks. Use any weapon or wear any armor at any time, no matter what type of character you play, and use a deep role to customize and ability to open your own style.

You need to connect with the game world. The game automatically puts you in touch with friends, guild, partners, people you meet, and other like-minded players. You don't have to worry about anything, just start taking risks. Your task is to save Tamriel. Maybe you'll find your own unique pursuit. Use the game compass to explore the hidden secrets of Tamriel at your own pace and lead you to areas of interest. 

Look closely at the ethnicity of each faction, because these are the keys to customizing your adventurer, and consider which ethnic group will meet your needs. For example, those who are in favor of the prototype tank role may want to because of their health and heavy armor bonus Orc game, and dual wielding and silent Deng due to the tendency of their firepower, the effective dragon knight. Exploring the vast world of elder scrolls online can be liberating, but sometimes you need some help from friends. Team work is the best choice for you to solve any one. It's always a good idea to be in touch with friends, which is the most viable option for those who have not yet discovered the fun of Tamriel.