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A Comparison of SSEGOLD, MMOGAH and FFXIV4GIl on FFXIV gil price, delivery speed and safety

As is known to us all, when buying FFXIV gil online, there’s a lot we should take into consideration, the most common among which include the gil price, the delivery speed and the safety of the payment. The shop which can meet our needs on all these aspects will be of the best value. Here’s an analysis of currently the best stores buying ffxiv gil.

FFXIV Gil Price
Here we take the price on EU-Cerberus (7/19/2017) on all the three stores as a sample.
On ssegold, 3M gil=$5.47, 32.1M=$52.99
On ffxiv4gil,3M gil=$6.59, 30M=$65.47
On mmogah,3M gil=$8.37, 31.5M=$83.7

Summary on price: ssegold<ffxiv4gil<mmogah

Through this simple contrast on FFXIV gil price, you’ll find ssegold.com is the FFXIV gil store worth to choose. With $83.7 you can buy 50M gil on ssegold, meanwhile you can use the code “YTB”to enjoy a 5% discount off, which is beyond the ability of the other stores.

FFXIV Gil Delivery guarantee
We guarantee all orders will get a timely delivery, according to your game and trade method, the delivery time is between 5 min to 24 hrs. If your order is delayed unreasonably, we accept a full refund/compensation application.

We usually can finish the delivery in 5-15 minutes.

Less time waiting and more time playing. 2 minutes deliveries for the majority of orders.

Summary of Delivery guarantee: SseGold>ffxiv4gil>mmogah
Ssegold.com has a specific estimated time range, which is more reliable as there’s definitely a fluctuation. Ssegold won’t provide false information and offers explanations for after-sales.  While ffxiv4gil and mmogah only give a simple announcement of an estimated time. What if there’s maintenance? What if there’s a network issue? How can 15 minutes be possible? Let alone in 2 minutes and such high price. Kinda irresponsible!

Payment Safety

All the three sites have been SSL approved (Https),so your privacy can be protected and payment is safe.
Summary: Ssegold=ffxiv4gil=mmogah

In short, on ssegold.com, ffxiv gil is very cheap, customers can have a better purchasing experience and this site is responsible and respect their clients. All these sites are safe. If you want to buy cheap ffxiv gil, I think ssegold.com is the best choice.

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