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A Brief Introduction of FIFA 15 new features

As long as you are a football, you must have know that world cup is a famous worldwide football match. FIFA, as a game made for football fans, has gotten worldwide popular among soccer fans.

FIFA 15 has made a great many changes to make this game more vivid and similar to true football match. These changes includes goalkeepers, ball control, player models and more. In this article, I want to introduce some tips to help you to adjust to this game.

Press high in numbers

In single-player mode, if the full backs have the ball on the flanks near their own penalty box or receive the ball from the goalkeeper, press with two or three players. If you try to close down the passing lanes, the defender will blast the ball straight out of play for a throw-in.

Tiki Taka returns

Thanks to the changes made to control, player movement, ball physics and body models in FIFA 15, tiki taka is back. Now you can make a series of one-touch passes between a cluster of players and leave defenders chasing shadows.

When the scene becomes a little crowded, you can use this way to open up play and create space. Before switching the ball, you can use a series of four or five short passes and it will help you get out of a jam when defenders mean to press the ball in numbers. It makes possible that one or two-yard passes, meaning layoffs become achievable. When you try to play the ball into the patch of a runner, this is really helpful.

Use the player’s body to protect the ball

Body position becomes more and more vital when it comes to shielding the ball. Make sure you can turn away from the ball carrier and perform a series of turns using the left stick if a defender is catch up with the ball carrier. This way can make it more difficult to be tackled. It is wise to keep sprinting and hope you will keep the ball.

It is well know that AI attackers are good at using three point turns to be excellent tool for coming inside from wide positions. More intricate ball control in FIFA 15 means players. The more skillful ones, more adept to shift the ball between their feet, which makes sidestepping tackles easier.

One touch, then shoot

If you can make a short pass to the feet of your striker in the boss, you can try your best to have only one touch before taking the shot, which prevents the goalkeeper from being able to prepare for the strike. The touch should take striker and the ball away from the defender to give space for you to lash it into the corner of the net.

Weaken lobbed through balls

EA has been weakened lobbed through balls, but that they have become ineffective because of the defense and an effective strategy.

On one hand, it is becomes incredibly difficult to get the height and distance of a pass right, but for some reason players find it impossible to control a lobbed through ball, so defenders usually come back and steal the ball. Using a long pass is more effective with less power. It won’t get into space. The receiver will control the ball better and stop the defender from making an easy interception.

More power into shots

Thanks to the insane athleticism of FIFA 15’s goalkeepers, you are going to blast the ball beyond the grasp and give them no chance to reach it. If you are through on goal, you will have to use much more power than in previous FIFAs.

Shoot across goal

Goal keepers will parry shots across goal, which give you a chance to follow up and finish the rebound. Try and aim for the far corner when running towards goal with the ball. Rarely, the goal keeper can catch the ball as long as the shot is both powerful and accurate enough.

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