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FIFA 21 Guide: How to Earn FUT Coins Fast

Everyone knows that FUT coins can be challenging to get a hold of, but here are the tips you need to give you a helping hand in navigating the FUT system and using it to your advantage!

Just like in earlier iterations of the FIFA series, FUT has returned, and there is just as much (if not more) opportunity than ever to make a healthy profit if you stick to these tried and true coin-generating methods. The FUT mode allows you to create a unique lineup of players of your choice top pitch against others to see whose team-assembly abilities are the best. In this game, it’s important to get a hold of card packs and know how to deal with their individual trade markets (i.e. how they are bought and sold on the market in general). This market is by far the best way to pad your FIFA 21 coin purse; read on for details, and stay to the end for some super good deals.

So how do I get started?

As with all markets in the gaming as well as the real world, you need to know that the FUT market is constantly fluctuating and will sometimes be overwhelming. There is nobody who knows everything about each player, team, and how the prices are likely to change over time. It is recommended that you not only put everything you know into practice, but also do a little research before you get started if you are a complete novice. That being said, though, even beginners can make easy coins using some of the methods outlined below, but be sure that the more you know about the market, the more money you will be comfortable to put into it, and therefore the more profit you can conceivably make.

Monthly, weekly, and even daily, the markets are changing, but there are a few no-brain methods of making FIFA 21 coins that don’t really require that much knowledge or research. Essentially, just like the real world trading markets, you need to work on the principles of buying low and selling high - any and all knowledge about the past, current or future prices of cards will affect your success using these methods. I can offer two basic tips regarding your trading in general - some things that a lot of people don’t consider but are really important:

1: Trade during the off-peak hours
If you can avoid it, don’t make the majority of your trades when your region is at its peak - that means weeknights and weekends for most people. The reasoning behind this is that if you trade while more people are online and active, you will often be outnumbered by people who are faster and more knowledgeable about the game and trading in general - you will be working an uphill battle to get a hold of the good deals, and will be undercut on your trades more often.

2: Always check the ‘Auction Now’ option first
If you always analyse those trades listed with the ‘Auction Now’ function, you can take advantage of others’ impatience and really get some good deals on cards to onsell at a profit. Pouncing on these good deals quickly gives you a leg up - this is best combined with the first tip about trading in off hours!

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How to really make some quick FIFA 21 coins consistently?

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As mentioned before, the more you know about the market in general, the better off you are in making informed decisions when you are trading. If you are just starting off, I suggest that you take whatever little knowledge you have in one specific area and build on it so that you can consistently make money in that one little zone; a great place to start is with Squad Fitness cards. These cards generally sell during peak user times for upwards of a thousand, up to over two thousand coins each! If you keep an eye out for these cards for auction, you will commonly see them placed at below or around a thousand coins. That’s a huge profit at an average of a thousand coins per flip! If you have this info, you can jump on the trade interface right now and start making thousands of coins right away. Most quick money methods are just like this, and involve you regularly checking auctions for lazy people who just want to on-sell cards quickly. For those with only a few thousand coins to start with, this is a great method!

Any other card type can take advantage of this method, just do a few daily checks (maybe over a week’s period, during off and on-peak) to get to know how a certain card type usually sells, and keep growing you knowledge to double, triple, quadruple your coins quickly! Once you have this basic knowledge, you can go a step further and consider why certain cards sell for certain prices - for example, cards that players need to use based on position is a great way to enhance your trading game. Look up what a certain card you have found is going for, and even if you can make a few hundred coins for that trade, just do more trades and watch the coins roll in. 

Another good tip is to use player packs to your advantage. Although there is a certain amount of chance involved, if you can get a player pack (for example, bronze to begin with) for cheap, the chance that even one player in that pack will make it worth your while is still quite high. Even if you only make a few FIFA 21 coins, you stand to make a lot if you do more trades!

So there we go, that’s a beginner’s guide to starting you way in the FUT trading game. While it might seem daunting at first, developing your skills in this trading can even help you with real markets in real life, and it can be really fun!

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