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5 Highly Anticipated Korean Games in 2011

In South Korea, TERA, ArcheAge and Blade & Soul have always been the three most anticipated titles. However, along with the release of TERA's OBT and commercial service, a saying comes out "A game's operation is still worrying, though the game is good." Every year, the South Korean game industry reaps 7,000 billion won with a growth rate of 50% for new games. Well, which game will be the next focus? The top 5 new anticipated titles have recently been picked out by Korean media, let's take a quick look.

The Heaven of Three Kingdoms – The Prologue to a Great War

As its name implies, it is a game set in the Period of the Three Kingdoms and based on the history of the Three Kingdoms. The developer HanbitSoft skillfully combines the history of Wei, Shu and Wu Kingdoms with western fantasy elements, as well as adds many unique systems, such as the hero transformation system. To seize the market surprisingly, HanbitSoft hopes to expand the market in a special operation way.

Currently, the game is in preparation for its OBT, which is set to commence in February.

NED - Costly Blockbuster

Except the Legend of Mir series, WeMade Entertainment seems to have no presentable title on behalf of its importance in the game industry. Costly NED is just the embodiment of WeMade's determination in 2011.It is said that this game will cost 30-50 billion won. Adopting a brand new engine system, creative game systems and farm gameplay, NED is likely to meet players this summer vacation.

RaiderZ - Neowiz's Next-gen MMO

As the tide of non-targeting MMOs is approaching, Neowiz Games, the largest shooter and sports game publisher in South Korea, has released its second MMORPG RaiderZ which is also its first next-gen MMO. RaiderZ focuses on PVE and integrates guild, group, alliance and many other organization systems. Players can level up and enhance equipment by means of hunting in the wild and challenging instances. In the meantime, they are provided with PVP areas and other elements.

Up to now, the game has put an end to its 2nd CBT, and is being further developed.

Berkanix - Future High Tech

Berkanix did keep players in suspense, for it was originally scheduled to launch in 2009, but didn't kick off its 1st CBT until last November. Therefore, this game hasn't shown its true colors so far, though a small part of game content was made public during the 1st CBT. As the developer disclosed, the game lays stress on innovative systems and future high tech, and features auto-targeting attacks and fixed classes that have no restrictions on equipment. The game is now preparing for its 2nd CBT.

Alicia – Horse Racing and Beauty

Alicia, which the popular singer IU acts as a model for and has been developed for 3 years, will officially go into OBT in February. Recently, IU's CF photos for Alicia have been searched most frequently. It seems that the beauty and horse racing can really hook tons of players. The game will perform a server pressure test starting from January 29th.