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3rd Job Advance: Information and Rumors

Well, this is not exactly new... Just a compilation of various rumors on new 2nd job and 3rd job [1,2] advance.
This picture shows the symbols which represent the branches of 2nd job advances for varous classes. These pictures has been reported to be found in the dragon nest client and digged up by someone.

First row represent the various first job: Warrior (gauntlet), Archer (arrow), Sorceress (magic circle), Cleric (shield, mace/staff)

Below each of the first symbols, 3 symbols follows, which hints that there are actually 3 instead of 2 2nd job advance from there. Each logo corresponds to the weapon used or skill characteristics of that job.

- Sword Master :- Gladiator, Warlord
- Mercenary : - Fear, Destroyer
- Avenger:- Dark Knight, Abyss Walker

* Sword master uses a sword, mercenary uses hammer and axe, avenger apparently use an even bigger and broader sword.

- Bow Master :- Sniper, Artillery
- Acrobat - Shooting Star, Soul Breaker
- Hunter:- Ranger, Detonator

* Bow master uses long bow, afew of acrobat skills show traces of leaves during the skill animation. Hunter symbol looks like a trap, which suggest that this class might be able to lay traps (should be very similar to the Scout class in C9).

- Elemental Lord:- Pandemonium, Lord
- Force User:- Majesty, Timestopper
- Warlock: Mistress, Illusionist

* Elemental lord symbol shows ice and fire, force user symbol is a magical circle which is seen in alot of force user signature moves. Warlock symbol has an big eye on it. Still can't guess the characteristic of it . Any idea?

- Paladin:- Crusader, Temple Knight
- Priest:- Exorcist, Saint
- Monk: Impulse, Champion

* A big shield = paladin, glowing magical staff = priest. Monk symbol shows two weapons = dual-wield offensive cleric??

Other info:

- It has been revealed during an interview with the developer that, after 3rd job advance, you can only use one type of weapon [3], i.e. Axe-based or Hammer-based mercenary.
- 3rd job advance will be introduced at lvl45, along with the release of new town, Lotus Marsh and level cap extension to lvl50 [3]
- The release of 3rd job advance and the new 2nd job advance (particularly Avenger) has been officially revealed by the developer in an interview with Mr. zhen, which is part of the KR DN development team, along with Lotus Marsh [4]