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2D Retro Side-scrolling MORPG H2 to Launch 1st CBT on Jan. 25

H2, a 2D online action game developed by Dadamgame and published by CJ Interactive's game portal, started to recruit testers for its upcoming first closed beta on Jan. 18.

H2 - Gstar 2010 Trailer

H2, a retro 2D MORPG to show its real look through the 1st CBT on Jan. 25, is set in a modern fast-paced sci-fi world and characterized by easy controls, uplifting actions and stimulating fights etc. Particularly, compared to other existing games, H2 employs twice more action frames, striving to provide players with more fighting fun and a stronger feeling of strike. It also features abundant themes and themed instances.

The upcoming test will focus on the use of some major weapons, skills like transformation and summon, as well as the hybrid class "Paempe" and the use of swords. The use of swordsmen's fast and diversified skills will be involved in the test too. Meanwhile, players will be able to enjoy four themes, and experience four different kinds of instances corresponding to the themes.

Testers for the 1st CBT to last from Jan. 25 to Jan. 27 will be recruited between Jan. 18 and Jan. 24. To learn more details, please visit H2's official site: http://h2.netmarble.net!