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2018 World Cup Prediction at SSEgold

2018 World Cup is here!!!

Which team(s) do you think will stand out and go straight away to the Final? SSEgold here invites you to predict the result of each match from Group Stage. You will be able to win key(s) to unlock the special chests we have prepared, from which you have the chance to get game gold/rare items worth hundreds of dollars at our site.

Step 1: Login/Resgister at our site

Step 2: Go to our SSEGold, choose a team you think will win from the match before it starts.

            Every 3 predictions you win, you will be able to get a key.

            The key can used to unlock a bronze/silver/gold chest on our site, from which you can get unexpected prizes.

More: A key can be exchanged with 60 points.

          By making an order at our site, you will get a chest. There are 3 kinds of chest:

Bronze chest

Consumption $0.1-$10;

Continuous sign in for 7 days;

 1 key needed to unlock

Silver chest

Consumption $10.01-$50;

Upgrade with 3 Bronze chests;

2 keys needed to unlock

Gold chest

Consumption more than $50;

Upgrade with 2 silver chests;

3 keys needed to unlock

        Sign in: We have added new function Sign in at our site, which you can see hovering at the bottom right corner of our site. Or you can go to your member account and click MY points to sign in. Sign in for a day will yield 1 points. 7 consective days signed in will yield 10 points as well as a bronze chest.

        Also you can buy Keys from our Key store if you have extra Chests waiting to be unlocked. 


        You can check your keys and chest and prizes at Key&Chest Bank in your member account.

         Prizes you may get currently (updating):

         FFXIV: 500K-8000K gil, member points, keys, Flying Chair; Night Pegasus Whistle; Ala Mhigan Gown; Hannish Wool Autumn Shirt; Quaintrelle's Ruffled Dress; ilvl 350 class package; Firebird

         ESO: 10K -150K gold; member points, keys, lots of Dwarven Oil/Grain Solvent

         POE: Exalted Orbs 1-10; member points, keys

         Runescape: 1M-50M gold; member points, keys

         SWTOR: 5000K-40000K credits; member points, keys