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2018 Lunar New Year huge giveaway: iPhoneX/iPad/HyperX headset (SSEGOLD.COM Event)

Happy 2018 Lunar New Year- the year of dog. During Feb.12 to March 9, everyone who has made an order at our site will  be able to join our “Who’s the lucky dog” event. Once you are in, you will have a chance to win an iPhoneX/iPad/HyperX gaming headset.
2018 Lunar New Year huge giveaway

To join this event, you need to first make an order successfully during event time. And remember, you can join many times as long as you have made a new order. Once you have your order number (PNO), you can start the next step.
At Step 2 on our event page, you will get the access to the Start to share button. From there, your PNO and email address is required to help finish the share process. Once you successfully shared our event to your facebook, you are in. If you are not sure, you can go back to our event page and find the Luckydog-to-be list and search with your PNO to check if you are already in,

For more details of our event, please click here.

Also you should notice for every kind of prize, there is certain requirement, that is the total page shared times. Only when our page is shared more than 500 times will we start the lucky draw of the 3rd prize--HyperX headset. And the required page shared times for iPad, 1000 times, for iPhone, 2000 times.

So start share now and let your friends know it. Tell your friends to join us too then there will be more prizes and bigger chances. And at last, good luck to everyone of you. Happy dog year.