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The Most Powerful Lost Ark Scrapper Build Guide

Welcome back to another Lost Ark build guide; this time, we are focusing on the Most Powerful Scrapper Build Guide. We hope you will enjoy this guide, and if you don’t know much about this game, we recommend checking out our article “Is Lost Ark worth playing in 2022.” In Lost Ark Scrapper build guide, we will go over the talent points, ultimate ability, and leveling for the Scrapper.

The Lost Ark Scrapper - An Introduction to the Class

The Lost Ark scrapper is a female melee martial arts class built around agile melee hits. The scrapper can deal intense amounts of damage and consistently provide buffs to herself and others. While there are many positives about this class, we also have to focus on whether or not we want to play it, and to do that, we must look at a list of positives and negatives.

Scrapper Positives

●High AoE Damage
●Melee crowd control
●Agile with lots of escapes
●High defensive abilities
●Great PvP Class

Scrapper Negatives

●Not much range, entirely melee
●Other classes have an easier time dealing with AoE
●Harder to level in comparison to other classes
●Hitboxes often feel smaller than the hits
If those positives seem better than the negatives and you want to deal with massive AoE melee damage, this class is for you.

The Lost Ark Scrapper Leveling Guide Level 0 to 50 

The above image highlights the levels you need to apply to your abilities. Let’s go over it one by one:
●At Level 12, Level up Charging blow and Dragon Advent by 4 points. These abilities will help with AoE and mobility
●Level 14, level up Death Rattle by an additional 4 points. This ability helps with Bosses and elite monsters.
●Level 16, level up Earthquake Chain by 20 points. This ability is essential at early levels as it is some of your only AoE.
●Level 20, level up Chain Destruction Fist by 20 points. This ability works side by side with Earthquake Chain as your AoE damage.
●Level 26, Carry on leveling up Earthquake Chain by another 48 points. This ability will essentially allow you to destroy any AoE mobs and make leveling a breeze.
●Level 28, level up True Rising Fist by 4 points. This ability helps with AoE CC to allow Earthquake Chain to decimate all in your way.
●Level 32, level up Chain Destruction Fist by 48 points. Similar to Earthquake Chain, this ability at max level will allow for even more AoE destruction, making the last few levels to 50 a breeze.
●Level 40, level up True Rising Fist by 48 points. This ability is excellent at grouping enemies and for boss damage.
●Level 45, level up Death Rattle by 48 points. At this point, we are just trying to level up all abilities to the max so that we can deal more damage to bosses.
●Level 50, level up Roundup Sweet by 48 points. Good to clear leftover mobs.

Lost Ark Scrapper Level 50 - 252 Build Points & Awakening

●Charging Blow - Level 4 - Ready Attack - Rune: Rage
●Dragon Advent - Level 4 - Moment of Truth - Rune: Bleed
●Judgment - Level 4 - Amplify Damage - Rune: Rage
●Death Rattle - Level 10 - Quick Preparation; Single Strike; Shock Explosion - Rune: Rage
●Instant hit - Level 10 - Wide Strike; Counter Effect; Tracking Instincts - Rune: Bleed.
●Continuous Push - Level 10 - Vital Point Stike; Moment of Truth; Violent Advance - Rune: Quick Recharge
●Battering Fists - Level 10 - Capture opportunity; Red explosion; Berserk - Rune: Galewind
●Iron Cannon Blow - Level 10 - Overflowing Power; Quick Preparation; Advanced Enhancement - Rune: Overwhelm
●Awakening - Undefeated Dragon King

Late Game Lost Ark Scrapper Build

You will gain more talent points as you make your way through the game. Once you have reached 412 points, level up your abilities to those you see above in the picture.


Engravings are integral to this build as you cannot do your rotation of abilities without them. The most important of all Engravings is the Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu.

Taijutsu increases the natural recovery speed of Stamina by 600%; while increasing stamina skill damage by 60%. Since we don’t use Shock skill damage, we don’t feel any penalties for taking this skill.

Next up would be Adrenaline.

Adrenaline increases damage output on all abilities by a permanent 6% while increasing crit by 15%. We say this Engraving increases by a permanent 6% because of the nature of this class; you will constantly be hitting abilities and maintaining the six stack. Adrenaline is a must.

Another Engragaving worth mentioning is Master of Ambush.

This Engraving increases damage by 25% when hitting from behind. With this build, we use five abilities that gain increased crit and damage for hitting from behind, which means you can permanently do an additional 25% damage.

Keen Blunt Weapon is the following Engraving we will look at

Keen blunt weapon is a risky Engraving, but the stats are with you for increased damage. Only take this once you have over 50% crit already.

Once you reach tier 3 content, get the Grudge Engraving.

Grudge deals more damage to you but increases damage output. This Engraving is highly recommended for late game.

Last but not least is the Engraving Cursed Doll.

Cursed Doll is one of the most commonly run Engravings in the game as it increases damage and healing by 16 and 25%, respectively.

Best Lost Ark Scrapper Cards

Lastly, we will look at the cards you should hunt down on the Best Scrapper build. (You can check our store to help get you these cards quickly and efficiently)
●King Thirain
●Delain Armen
Getting these cards will give you:
●Dark Resistance +8%
●Dark Resistance +8%
●Dark Resistance +9%
●Crit Rate +7%
●When dealing damage, applies an extra effect that increases the power of holy attacks on your character and their allies by 3,5%

We love the Lost Ark Scrapper class; it's a fun, powerful, and active melee class that can tank and deal high burst damage. We hope you enjoyed this Lost Ark Scrapper build guide. If you feel you want a quick advantage and don’t want to grind for hours, check out our store for amazing deals on lost ark gold, items, and boosts. As always, happy scrapping.