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Lost Ark Lance Master Glaivier Guide

Lost Ark is introducing new classes in every update and, shockingly, there're more to come. Especially in Korean and NA versions. Right now there are more than 15 Classes to choose from.

Given that you've landed on this page, I think it's a safe bet to say that You've made a choice to go with Lost Ark Lance Masters. Which is an excellent decision I'd say. The blazing speed and sweeping animation won't let you off the hook even for a moment.

Cool thing is that we’re here to make that decision of yours right! In this guide you'll find the best Lance Master Leveling build you can possibly make both in PvE and PvP, and all the engravings, stat allocations and Skills you need to have under your belt to rise up the ranks faster. (Don't want to waste your time? Try our lost ark powerleveling service now or buy lost ark gold to help you level fast!)

So, let’s get started with the very basic but necessary thing, shall we?

What are Lost Ark Lance Masters?

Lance Master is a martial art advanced class that uses a long spear to deal heavy damages to their enemy and Glaivier is the new name for the Lance Master class on western servers of Lost Ark in April! As compared to others, Lance Masters (Glaiviers) are quite a difficult class to master and if you’re playing with them as a complete beginner then you’re about to have a hard time as you won’t have much skills to play around with.

But That’s why we are both here, right?

This material artist class moves really quick and can save you from getting butchered if placed with adequate defences. This class performs melee attacks and lacks completely on range moves.

Let’s waste no more time and get straight to the nitty-gritty of Lost Ark Glaivier/Lance masters…

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Stat Allocation

If We talk about stat allocation you have many options to choose from. They might look identical on the surface but believe me, they make a different impact. You know how it goes, right? I mean a single digit change in stat allocation can make or break your gameplay.

PvE Stat allocation (Total of 2300 points)

Stat 1- 30% Critical and 70% Agility i.e., 600 Critical and 1700 Agility, or
Stat 2- 40% Critical and 60% Agility i.e., 1000 Critical And 1000 Agility, or
Stat 3- 30% Agility and 70% Specialisation i.e., 600 Critical and 1700 Specialisation.

Agility = Swiftness

You can go for the 3rd option if you have engravings that provide you enough crit without investing in them. In such a case, it’d be wise to put more emphasis on Specialisation.

PvP Stat allocation (Total of 1250 points)

Stat 1- 80% Agility and 20% Specialisation + 1 Crit point i.e., 1000 Agility 249 Specialisation and 1 Crit, or
Stat 2- 60% Agility and 40% Critical i.e., 800 Agility and 450 Critical

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Like Stats, you have two roads to choose if we talk about engravings; Abstinence or Zenith. Abstinence is one for all engraving which boosts the weapon damage with 36%, the only downside being you can not switch to a secondary weapon. On other hand, Zenith increases the character ability and identity skills.

Abstinence engraving for PvE:

-Abstinence Level 3
-Blitz Commander Level 3
-Sharp Blunt Level 3
-Backstab Master Level 3
-Heavy Armour Level 3

Abstinence engraving for PvP:

-Abstinence Level 3
-Blitz Commander Level 3
-Sharp Blunt Level 3
-Cursed Doll Level 3
-Heavy Armour Level 3

Zenith Engraving for PvE:

-Zenith Level 1
-Grudge Level 3
-Cursed Doll Level 3
-Sharp Blunt Level 3
-Awakening Level 2
-BackStab Level 3

Zenith engraving for PvP:

-Zenith Level 1
-Grudge Level 3
-Cursed Doll Level 3
-Blitz commander Level 3
-Awakening Level 2
-BackStab Level 3

Lance Master PvE- Chaos and Mobbing build

This is where you make the most out of your Lance master, when you get surrounded with a crowd of enemies, all you need to do is to perform a couple of sweeping skills and make the whole crowd disappear.

Personally, I think there’s no other class that can be as resourceful in Chaos dungeons other than Lance Master. So, here’s the Build you can go with and break the system:


-LightBlade (Critical Threat, Shadow Dance, Deep Wounds)
-Red Dragon Fight (Quickly Prepare, Destructive Fight, - )
-The Descent of the moon ( High Manoeuvrability, - , -)
-Solar Eclipse (Affected Area, Quickly Prepare, -)
-Scorching Wave (Quickly Prepare, Critical Threat, Wild Beast’s Eye)
-Sunstroke (Synergy, -, -)
-Piercing Light (Quickly Prepare, Refined Reflexes, -)
-Eclipse Path (Quickly Prepare, Constant threat, Lethal Damage)
-Full Moon Strike (Strong Bonds, Impressive Craftsmanship, Touch of Death)
-Ring of the light (Quickly Repair, Refined Reflexes, -)
-Flying Blue Dragon (Synergy, -, -)
-Moonblade Fury (Swift Throw, -, -)

Lance Master PvE- Raid and Void Build

Raid and Void build is a bit different from the Chaos build which focused more on clearing a bunch of enemies altogether. Raid and Void build focuses more on damage dealing and speed. See for yourself:


-Red Dragon Flight (Quickly Prepare, Destructive Power, Find Weakness)
-Solar Eclipse (Find Weakness, Critical Threat, Compressed Spring)
-Scorching Wave (Find Weakness, Critical Threat, Wild Beast’s Eye)
-Light Blades (Critical Threat, Shadow Dance, Deep Wounds)
-Piercing Light (Quickly Prepare, Refined Reflexes, Serious Vulnerability)
-Eclipse Path (Quickly Prepare, Attack Speed, -)
-Sky Wheel (Magic control, Find Weakness, -)
-Ring of the Light (Quickly Repair, Seizing the Initiative, Awakening Dragon)
-Crescent Moon (Impressive Craftsmanship, -, -)
-MoonBlade Fury (Swift Throw, -, -)
-The Descent of the Moon (High Manoeuvrability, -, -)
-Double Section (Flame Cutting, -, -)

Lance Master PvP Build

Before we get into the actual PvP build, I think it is important for you to know that Lance Master, despite having a blazing speed and a good damage dealing capacity, lacks defence. So getting too close to your enemy might not be a good thing to do, especially if you are playing PvP battles. This is the easiest way of all to get back to lobby.

Here’s what Lance masters are best at; They can sweep a crowd of enemies with one shot. This is something no other martial artist class can do. Due to its sweeping attacks, you can knock out a bunch of enemies in one go. But, if you think about it, you can not use this uniqueness against a 1v1 battle.

Anyways, I think I’ve kept you waiting long now, here’s the PvP build you’ve looking for:


-Red Dragon Flight (Power Balance, Destructive Power, Flawless Execution)
-Mantra of Dawn (Quick counterattack, Lost of consciousness, -)
-Solar Eclipse (Affected Area, -, -)
-Scorching Wave (Dexterous Hands, -, -)
-Light Blades (Critical Threat, -, -)
-Sun Stroke (Critical Threat, -, -)
-Eclipse Path (Quickly Prepare, Attack Speed, -)
-Moon Virgo Dance (High Manoeuvrability, Wide Trajectory, Instant Reaction)
-Skywheel (Fierce Attack, Tenacity, -)
-Ring of the Light (Quickly Prepare, Seizing The Initiative, Awakening Dragon)
-Crescent Moon (Large Scale, Internal Reserve, Destructive Whirlwind)
-MoonBlade Fury (Swift throw, -, -)
-Moonrise (Excellent Manoeuvrability, Spend Manoeuver, Unbridle Power)
-The Descent Of the Moon (High Manoeuvrability, Find Weakness, -)

Fellas! I’m very proud to announce that you’ve all set to crack your way to the highs of Lost Ark. The guide you just finished had everything you ever needed to know about Lance Masters. You can debate on this class with anyone, not even kidding! Do you know someone who might need to read this guide? Or don't know whether Lost Ark is Worth Playing In 2022? Send him/her the link then. 

Anyways, I really wish you happy and cheerful gaming. See you soon!