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Lost Ark Excavation Guide

Howdy! If you’re looking for free resources and tools to level up your character and tools, then this is the most exciting and important thing you will read today.
Here’s why- You see, when you enter the Lost Ark world, you will need tools, resources, and weapons to get survive and level up. While there are many ways to gather them but trade skills help you get them without putting up a single fight. One such trade skill is Excavation which let you put on your adventurer hat and dig out buried treasures.
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In this Lost Ark Excavation guide, we will cover every single detail that you need to know about Excavation trade skills.
So let us waste no more time and start with the basics…

What is Excavation in Lost Ark?

There are two ways to collect resources in Lost Ark; Combats and Trade Skills. While combat requires you to go out there and pick up fights with the enemies, Trade skills do the trick in a non-violent way.
Excavation is one of the trade skills in Lost Ark that allows you to gather materials for upgrading and resources for use in the crafting process. It is the most essential skill you need to learn if you want to climb the high levels faster and it can only be learned and mastered through experience.

It is one of the most time-demanding activities in the lost ark. It literally requires you to walk around the open lands and look for a place to dig. There’s no shortcut method to this skill but excavation trade skill might provide you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to unearth ancient artefacts or relics.

Upon locating the place to dig, you can extract all the materials that are buried there. Although all the items you get in excavations will be of common rarity but there are some chances to get uncommon and rare items as well. Getting those rarities depends on several factors like your level, the tools you are using, and the place you are digging in.

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How to unlock Excavation in Lost Ark?

Like to unlock anything in Lost Ark all you need to do is to keep patience and follow the main storyline. The same goes for Excavation Skills as well. Completing the trade skill questline is the only way to get the excavation trade skill. Once you've completed the Crown of Lakebar Guide Quest, you'll be able to use Excavation and other trade abilities at the Helmon Castle Ruin.

The purpose of this quest is to search for treasures underground using the Sonar and Relic skills you are given in your Trade Skills bar. Excavation is made more difficult by the appearance of opponents in the surrounding environment. Before returning to the excavation site, we advise you to deal with the adversaries and finish the Battlebound Plains missions. After the quest ends, you get your Sonar and Relic skills permanently. Hence, the Excavation powers. We’ll talk about what Sonar and Relic do shortly.

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How does Lost Ark Excavation Work?

Now comes the nitty-gritty part. As we have already discussed, You use Sonar and Relic skills in Excavation. Sonar puts a blue arrow on the top of your head which starts to beep when you come closer to a buried relic. As you reach the buried relic location, the beep starts to go fast and then turns red once you’re at the spot. Then you need your Relic skills to take a quick scan of the area and find out the exact location of the buried relics. After that, all you need is to dig and dig deeper, until you find ‘em.

Tools and Skills needed to Farm Excavation in Lost Ark

Construction excavation necessitates the use of an excavation tool. Tools can be purchased from Vendors, Crafted, or obtained as a reward through Quests and other activities, among other methods.

Every tool has a built-in Durability meter that decreases with each usage of the associated Trade Skill. Silver can be used to restore a tool's durability. However, each subsequent repair will diminish its Maximum Durability. Craftsman Tokens, which can be obtained from the Cash Shop with Blue Crystals, can be used to restore the Max Durability of tools.
Any Tokens you obtain in the early stages should be saved up for a higher tier tool that generates amazing Bonuses.

If we talk about the skills then you will need the following:
-Sonar: It will put a blue indicator on the top of your head which beeps when you get closer to the location where the relics are buried.
-Relic: It marks the exact location in a circular form that tells you where you need to dig.
-Loot Hunter: It gives you better locations and chances of winning rare items. This is a passive ability.
-Excavation: It helps you to get a hidden treasure after you complete five excavations. This ability is also passive.
-Sniffer dog: The name suggests it all. You get a sniffer dog that can help you get the correct locations of buried treasures.

Here endeth the Guide.
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With that note, it’s time to put this guide to an end. I hope it made a lot of things easier for you and you're gonna use what you’ve learned here in your gameplay. We'll meet again in another Lost Ark guide. Till then, Bye!