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Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons Guide

I have a question for you. How can you gather levelled Lost Ark items and gears while slaying up the monster? Because these gears are essential. Especially as you reach the endgame.
The answer is Chaos Dungeons. As the name suggests, they're filled with chaos. What the name does not tell you is that they promise huge rewards.

As you slay enemy after enemy, your inventory gets fuller and fuller.
So that was it? That’s all you needed to know?
I’m afraid not. There are some catches and conditions and caps and requirements and critical things you should know. That’s a lot of stuff, huh?
Let's slay everything one by one. Shall we?

What are Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons?

If you're looking for an extra challenge, try Chaos Dungeon. There is a five-minute time limit before a gateway opens to allow you to move onward. For each enemy you kill, a progress metre will fill up for the total completion. Upon the completion of the metre of the Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon, it is over.

In a typical Chaos Dungeon run, the initial part will mainly consist of waves of powerful and normal monsters, with a few exceptions. This is followed by an elite, strong, and normal monster portion with a final boss at the conclusion of it. You must smash a red crystal to release an elite in the 3rd section when mini-waves are required.

It's possible that you'll stumble into a Gold or Purple portal that will change things up. After entering the Gold portal, you will be taken to a special area where a single loot monster is waiting to be found.

It's possible to get even more riches by using the Purple portal which will take you directly to a boss enemy. The kind of rewards you'll receive will differ according to how frequently you play the game.

Reward system in Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons

For full prizes, you can run Chaos Dungeons twice a day. Make this part of your everyday routine to ensure that your iLvl continues to rise. 50 energy is consumed every time you enter a Chaos Dungeon. Failing the challenge results in losing 50 energy.
You will earn 100 energy per day. If you're looking for Harmony Shards, Destroyers' Stone Fragments, and Guardian Stone Fragments, you can do up to two Chaos Dungeons per day.

You will receive 10 "Resting Bonus" for every 50 unused energy points you have remaining at the end of the day if you do not complete your Chaos Dungeons. So that means, even if, for any reason, you don't run your chaos dungeon for that day, you'll still get a 20 resting bonus. Generous, right?

On subsequent Chaos Dungeon runs, you will be able to use your 20 resting bonus. When you apply the resting bonus to a run, the prizes you receive from a successful attempt will be increased.

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How to unlock the Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark

You don't need to do anything extra to get access to Chaos Dungeons per say. Just follow the main story. It will lead you to "Ealyn's Request" quest in North Vern.
You need to start this quest, which will start a chain of quests you need to complete. After completing the chain you'll get access to chaos dungeons. To begin this questline, you must be level 50, so be sure to complete a few worlds (blue) missions along the way.

As I've explained in my previous lost ark leveling guide, you'll get an alternative character and a powerpass which you can use to boost your alternative character's level to 50. I'd recommend that you use your powerpass so that you get a boosted alt character that can supply the latest and levelled up gears to your main character.

Moving on.
You can enter the chaos dungeon by visiting this (See the map below) icon on your map.

How to Clear a Dungeon in the Best way?

I'm dividing this portion into two parts. First I'll tell you about the different zones in a Chaos Dungeon, what's in them for you, and what to expect from them. Then, in the second part, I'll share with you how you can clear those zones with a strategic approach. Sounds good?

Let's start with the types of levels in Chaos Dungeons.
So, Basically, there are three levels to each Chaos Dungeon level. The enemies and combat mechanics vary from stage to stage. This process can be broken down into its component parts:

Zone 1: The area will be overrun by an army of enemies. You must defeat all of the adversaries. AOE strikes are extremely useful in this area. After you've defeated a particular amount of foes and moved on to the following round, a doorway appears.

Zone 2: In this zone, the number of adversaries will drop. However, there will be mini-bosses that are more difficult to take down. The final boss will come when the mini-bosses have been defeated. This is a great time to use single-target assaults.

Zone 3: You have to destroy Rift Crystals in this- third and the last- zone.A mini-boss will come once you destroy all of them, and you must defeat them all.

There may also be a doorway after the third zone that takes you to the next bonus area. There are a lot of currencies to choose from in this sector. So, keep an eye on portals in the Chaos Dungeons. If you lack of Lost Ark Gold, please go to SSEGold for cheap lost ark gold with 5-30 minutes delivery. 

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It is possible to play alone in the Chaos Dungeon or in a group of 2, 3, or 4 people. Keep in mind, though, that the more players there are, the more difficult it is.
Let me remind you again: There is going to be a time limit in each area of Chaos Dungeon. You'll have five minutes to accomplish each zone in the time allotted. Once you begin moving, the timer will begin counting down. On top, a countdown timer can be seen.

Now let’s talk about how to clear these levels in the easiest and best way possible.
The dungeon and zone 1 start as soon as you move and the enemies start to spawn. Circulate in a circle to group them, then unleash your skills. Try to keep enemies from attacking you.

When you reach 17% on the metre, jump into the spawning portal. You’ll reach zone 2. The second level is focused on defeating the boss monsters. They're on the minimap. Group them up and annihilate them quickly. There are a total of 7 mini-bosses and one main boss. If you wish to move, don't focus on killing creep waves.
Once you kill the main boss, you enter the third and last zone.

The last zone is all about killing creep waves. Gather the enemy and slay them. When the opponents start to thin out, examine your minimap for the nearest obelisk. Destroy it to spawn additional enemies. This happens frequently. Stop striking when your counter hits 98/99 percent. Then hit them with your greatest damage skill to kill them all at once. This increases your chances of winning.

During your run, a gold portal may spawn. It leads you to an intermediate level with a lucky monster. It won't attack you. All you have to do is kill it using your talents. Their rare loot includes horses and skins. They also grant you resources and money.
That brings us to the end of this Lost ark chaos dungeons guide.

That was everything you needed to know about chaos dungeons. There is only one thing left now- Entering a dungeon and slaying enemies. And to do that you might want suggestions in the form of a lost ark character's guide. So get to it. I'll meet you in other Lost ark guides. Till then, goodbye.