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How to Get Rich in Escape from Tarkov

It can be quite tricky not to break the bank in Escape from Tarkov. Everything from gear to supplies that provide you with an upper hand against others costs a significant amount of currency, and one wrong move may cause you to lose everything. The question stands: how to make money in Escape from Tarkov so you would never have to worry about money deficiency?

Although the game seems deeply complex and extremely difficult, making money is not as challenging as you think. Here are several ways to effectively earn money in Escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov: Types of Currency

Three kinds of currencies are represented in Escape from Tarkov: Rubles, Euros, and Dollars.

The most important type of currency is Rubles. Being the most common currency, Rubles are the core of the Escape from Tarkov’s transaction dynamics. It is used for purchasing weapons, armor, supplies, and various upgrades for Hideouts. Without this currency, it is almost impossible to play the game.

The second currency, Euros, is often used as part of Quest objectives or for upgrading your stash. However, Euros do not usually serve a big role in improving your character's gear unless you wish to purchase gun components from a Mechanic trader.

As for Dollars, they fulfill their purpose for Quest completion and if you wish to make a transaction with the Peacekeeper trader, as this vendor refuses Russian and European currencies.

Scav as often as possible

Scavving is one of the best options to earn money quickly, as every item you can find is valuable in some way. Although this is also a risk-free option, as in case of death, you will not lose anything; it is important to plan your steps ahead because dying also means no profit.

Be sure to be familiar with the map or to learn stash locations before you embark.

You can choose whichever map you are the most familiar with. It is often recommended to scavenge through Factory for higher value items; however, the combat in this location is way too frequent, and the area itself is rather scanty. We suggest you opt for locations such as Shoreline or Woods for a smoother run, as all of these locations offer you many opportunities for decent loot.

Tip: If you are familiar with the map, you can choose to play nighttime raids, as, during the nighttime, you will encounter fewer players.

Another option is stash containers spread all across the map. Not only can you find valuable items hidden inside, but the competition for stashes is much lower and therefore stash hunting is safer than scavving through the main location areas.

Remember that not every run will be highly profitable. In Escape from Tarkov, the strategy is to favor quantity over quality. You should quickly loot everything you can get your hands on and extract out. This will decrease the chance of you getting killed and therefore will ensure profit, even though it will not be the most money you have ever made.

Player hunting

If you are tired of avoiding a combat action, maybe you will appreciate a more interesting option of farming money off other players. Everyone has the same goal: to loot the most valuable items. By hunting down other players, you may be able to seize the loot they have accumulated during the run and the gear they brought to the fight. Of course, this option is more challenging and we would suggest engaging in player hunt only to those with hours of combat experience in the Escape from Tarkov.

Item Crafting

Crafting is an uncommon way of making money but can be highly effective. It is important to point out that some crafts can be so profitable that even when you buy off all the components, you can still turn in a profit. Moreover, crafting serves as a great way to salvage and recycle less valuable items into costly products. Crafting can be performed in the Hideout operating on different modules:

●Bitcoin farm
●Nutrition unit
●Booze generator
●Water collector
●Intelligence Centre

In order to unlock all crafts, you will have to level each of the modules up. However, once you obtain the crafting ability, all you need is the ingredients, and your money-making journey can begin. Among the most profitable items, you can create are: Bundle of wires, Bleach, Gunpowder, “Eagle”, Condura, and so on.

An Interesting feature is the Bitcoin Farm module, widely used by Escape from Tarkov players. It works as a station you can unlock in your Hideout that farms Tarkov’s currency of Physical Bitcoin even while you are offline. To unlock this module, you have to obtain level 2 Intelligence Centre. As you level the Bitcoin Farm up, the new slots for Graphics Cards will open, and loading in the Graphics Cards will increase the Bitcoin Farm’s speed. Physical Bitcoins can be exchanged for Rubles and act as a source of passive income for your account.

Selling Items on the Flea Market

Before you sell your items to the vendor, always check their value on the Flea Market, for if the items are in high demand, some players may be willing to pay extra money. This particularly applies to weapon modifications and miscellaneous items.

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Saving Money by Surviving

Not dying is the best way to save money. To decrease the chance of dying, make sure that your PMC is well-equipped. Remember that gear you are keeping in your stash? Utilize it. There is no point in keeping items away if you never put them into use and good gear may save your life and, therefore, your cargo.

Tip: When you find yourself in an unfavorable situation, try to reposition yourself. Are you pinched on the first floor, and there are enemies both above and below you? Get out through the window and cover your tracks with grenades.


Money and surviving go hand-in-hand in Escape from Tarkov. We hope our tips have shed some light on the possible ways to get rich and helped you figure out your personal money-making style. If you are looking for a simple solution to your Rubles troubles, we suggest visiting our store for great deals on EFT Roubles. Thank you for reading, happy hunting!