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How to get Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark

If you are looking to upgrade your ship to make it stronger and faster, then you’re gonna need Bilbring timber. Now, getting bilbrin timber is not a piece of cake as it can not be harvested or farmed like any other wood in the lost ark.

That’s why I have created this guide to help you get your hands on Bilbrin Timber and get your vessel upgraded.

Before getting into the matter right away let’s talk a bit about how you can upgrade your boat or vessel.

Lost Ark Ship upgrading 101

After unlocking the sailing feature in the Lost Ark, you get your first boat for free. You can check everything in the Lost Ark Sailing Guide about how you can get your hands on your first ship. But the same ship won’t be handy in every situation. Especially when you start to level up and start getting tough conditions. To cope with the conditions your ship must be upgraded with strong material and strong mechanics. That’s what I’m going to tell you in this section.

First of all, before you even think about upgrading your ship, you need to be at character level 420. This means you need to play a boatload of content before you reach the point where you will be able to upgrade your ship.

Make sure you have more than enough Pirate coins to buy the required materials and blueprints to upgrade your ship. Most of the materials and blueprints are available for sale on the merchant ships (We will talk about that real soon, keep reading). You will get the rest of them while completing quests and arena challenges. Interestingly enough, quite a few of those materials are found in the sunken ships in the sea. Adventurous, fun, and free!

However, there are some materials that are extremely difficult to get your hands on. You’re here for one such material called Bilbrin Timber.

To avoid the situation where you have to postpone the up-gradation process because of the lack of pirate coins, start collecting enough of them already. (And remember, having enough Lost Ark Gold is necessary, too.)

How many of them would be enough? Nobody knows. Because the price of the material keeps changing from time to time and server to server. The best bet would be to collect as many of them as you could possibly get.

As we have discussed in the Lost Ark sailing guide, there are 8 ships in total in the game: Estoque, Astray, Brahms, Eurus, Tragon, Strumbreacher, Eibern’s Wound, and White Wind.

Each has its own pros and cons. You can not just rely on the ship and completely ignore others. For example, White Wind has the highest immunity and resistance against sand storm waters and Tragon goes really smooth in Tempest waters. You can not take White Wind in the Tempest waters or the other way around. It would be a total disaster.
Lost ark has put those ships for a reason. Every ship serves its own purpose. That’s why Upgrade all of them one by one. That way you can ensure that you are ready for any challenge at the sea.

Upgrading itself is a no-brainer. Once you have all the required materials and blueprint, you can just go to your ship menu, click on your desired ship, and click upgrade. That’s it.

Okay, now is the time to address the elephant in the room.

What is Bilbrin Timber?

The crafting material Bilbrin Timber, also referred to simply as Bilbrin wood, is classified as a Rare resource in Lost Ark. It is a variety of wood that is favoured for use in the construction of superior and lightweight vessels. After upgrading your ship a couple of times, if you need to upgrade it to further levels, you are going to need Bilbrin Timber.

As compared to regular Timber, Bilbrin wood cannot be harvested or collected from naturally regenerating trees. Instead, you have to purchase it using Spectrum's Coins at either the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel or the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel in order to be obtained.

You can also trade seals in return for bilbrin wood from the Trade Merchants located within your Stronghold. We will get to that in a bit.

How to Obtain Bilbrin Timber?

Sail to the eastern shores of Rohendel and you will see Lake Shiverwave. There you will find two travelling merchant ships; the Spearfish hunting guild vessel and the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel. Buy the Bilbrin timber from these merchant ships in exchange for Spectrum’s Coins. One Bilbrin wood will cost you 25 Spectrum’s coins.

These ships return to the lake after every 10 to 15 minutes. So, if you reach there and don’t find them, wait for a few minutes. Though Spearfish hunting and Plump Crab fishing guild vessels sails in every port of Rohendel, they only sell Bilbrin wood when they are at the Lake Shiverwave.

There is another method to obtain Bilbrin wood but you can not count on it. You can buy Bilbrin wood from your trade merchant at the Stronghold. But the chances of the trade merchant having Bilbrin timber is 1 in 100. So be very patient. Or, just sail straight to Lake Shiverwave. (We also have cheap Lost Ark PowerLeveling Service that is totally useful.)

How to earn Spectrum’s coin?

You can earn Spectrum’s coin easily by completing the quests and challenges of Rohendel. These coins are only admissible on the Rohendel island and in buying something from the merchant ships at Lake Shiverwave. There is no other way to get your hands on Spectrum’s coins.

Just like Spectrum’s coin, there are a ton of other currencies in Lost Ark that I have covered in the Lost Ark Currency guide to make it easy for the players to get a nice overview of how different currencies work in the game. Do check that out.


That’s it, folks. Your how-to get a Biliran Timber guide ends here. Anyway, it’s time to take your leave. Will meet you in another Lost Ark guide. Till then, Bye and Good luck!