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Fast and Furious Crossroads - Season Pass PC

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Fast and Furious Crossroads - Season Pass (Base game required) includes:

  • 3 add-on packs
  • Bonus pack

The top 3 reasons to play Fast and Furious Crossroads - Season Pass

  1. Play an official story-based new chapter in the Fast & Furious universe
  2. Gear up for all the cars and gadgets
  3. Team up for unique multiplayer fun

About Fast and Furious Crossroads - Season Pass

  • Gear up for fast, cinematic non-stop action in a new chapter of the Fast & Furious saga as you hunt down an international crime syndicate and pump the brakes on their plans. With adrenaline-fueled stunts and heists, gadgets, exotic locations, cars, and heroes from the films, Fast & Furious Crossroads casts you right at the center of the action.
  • Get into the action with Fast & Furious heroes Dom, Letty, and Roman, all voiced by the original cast members to authentically recreate their in-game characters.
  • An international story with gameplay based around pursuits, escapes, takedowns, and heist with vehicles curated alongside Dennis McCarthy, the official Fast & Furious car coordinator.
  • Form crews with your friends and play online for vehicular mayhem. Track and compare your Fast & Furious Crossroads experience with all your stats, match histories, achievements, trophies, and more with friends via the God’s Eye-like MOSAIC system.
  • RESCUE: Can the Villains get the item to their destination before the Heroes recover it and? Meanwhile, the Cops don’t care who’s a Hero of a Villain, their job is to stop both crews.
  • SEEK & DESTROY: The Villains have a simple job – protect their target by any means available. The Heroes must find and attack the target and bring its health down to zero any way they can. The Cops must try and stop both crews.
  • APB: One destination, two crews. Villains and Heroes must reach a given destination first…any way they can. The Cops must stop both crews from getting to the destination by bringing Villains and Heroes alike down.
  • Heroes: Get your crew of Heroes together and prevent the Villains from fulfilling their mission while avoiding getting arrested by the Cops. Sometimes, in order to win, you’ll need to help out your rivals!
  • Villains: Assemble your Villain crew and try to fulfill your mission—all while the Heroes try to stop you and the Cops try and take you down. Keep an eye on your rivals and the Cops.
  • Cops: Cop gameplay revolves around the compliance and busting of members of both opposing factions. It’s takedown time, but don’t be surprise if Villains and Heroes get together to hinder your progress.
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What are the system requirements?


  • OS Windows 10 x64
  • Processor3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 3450 or 4.0 GHz AMD FX-8350
  • Memory 8 GB RAM
  • GraphicsGTX680 or equivalent
  • Storage50 GB available space


  • OS Windows 10 x64
  • ProcessorIntel i7 8700k or AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
  • Memory 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics NVidia GTX 2080 or AMD Radeon VII
  • Storage50 GB available space
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