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Far Cry 2 - Complete Edition (PC)

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The top 3 reasons to play Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition

  1. Play as a gun for hire, trapped in a war-torn African state, stricken with malaria forced to make deals with corrupt warlords on both sides of the conflict.
  2. Identify and exploit your enemies' weaknesses, neutralizing their superior numbers and firepower with surprise, subversion, cunning and of course brute force.
  3. In order to make this country your home, you will have to undertake deadly missions and form fragile alliances with conflicting rebel groups.

What to know before buying Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition

What's included with Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition?

    Base game for Far Cry 2 and Fortune Edition bonus in-game items.

Is there any region lock for Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition?

This product is available worldwide; no region lock.

How will I receive my instant download for Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition

After payment has been approved, your game key will be included in your order confirmation email. You can access your key by following a link in the email. Next, you can activate your key on its corresponding platform.

How to activate the key for Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition

Activate with uPlay:

  1. Download the uPlay client to your PC (https://uplay.ubi.com/). Sign up, and log in.
  2. Locate your uPlay key in your ssegold.com confirmation email, and copy it to your clipboard by pressing "Ctrl+C".
  3. Open the uPlay client, and press the key icon on the top right of the window to open the "Activate a key" option.
  4. Paste the key from your clipboard by pressing "Ctrl+V", and select "Activate".
  5. Your new game is now activated and ready to download. Once downloaded it will be ready to play!

You can find additional support for the uPlay client here: https://support.ubi.com/en-US

Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition details

  • Destructible environment: No more obstacles! Everything is breakable and alterable, even in Multiplayer mode.
  • Fire: Feel the heat of the most realistic fire ever seen in a video game! Use wind and propagation to surround and trap your enemies.
  • Open world: Experience real freedom while roaming in more than 50km2 without any loading.
  • Fight for two rival factions, and make your way up to your primary target by any means necessary. Take on over 70 side missions to earn valuable information, new weapons and vehicles.
  • Multiplayer: Challenge your friends but watch your back, you never know who your true friends are and who might betray you!
  • Non-scripted artificial intelligence: Medics will drag wounded soldiers to safety. Grunts will come to fear you. Your reputation and in-game actions will make enemies drop their guns and run for their lives. Feel the tension of never knowing just how an enemy will react.
  • New additions with the Fortune's Edition
    • Three brand-new weapons: Silenced shotgun, Sawed-off shotgun, Crossbow
    • Two new vehicles: Unimog, Quad
    • Additional weapons and four new exciting maps in multiplayer: Cheap Labor, Last Resort, Lake Smear, Fort Fury

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What are the system requirements for Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition

MINIMUM for Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition

  • Processor3.2GHz Pentium 4, Pentium D 2.66 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 3500+ or better
  • Graphics256 MB video card with Shader model 3 (NVIDIA GeForce 6800 + / ATI Radeon X1650 +)
  • Memory1 GB
  • Disk space12 GB
  • SystemWindows XP/Vista
  • OtherInternet connection required for multiplayer

RECOMMENDED Far Cry 2 - Fortunes Edition

  • ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo Family, AMD 64 X2 5200+, AMD Phenom or better
  • Graphics512 MB video card with Shader model 3 (NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS + / ATI Radeon X1900 +)
  • Memory2 GB
  • Disk space12 GB
  • SystemWindows XP/Vista
  • OtherInternet connection required for multiplayer
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