English / USD
  • Simple Package 1

    Bells*1.2M+Nook Miles Ticket*10

    $ 1.65
  • Simple Package 2

    Bells*5M+Nook Miles Ticket*40

    $ 3.30
  • Simple Package 3

    Bells*8M+Nook Miles Ticket*500

    $ 4.95
  • Starters Package

    Bells*10M+Nook Miles Ticket*230+Fish Baits*100+Golden (Axe/Shovel/Rod/Net/Watering can/Slingshot)*5
    +(Tree Branch/Wood/Soft wood/Hard wood)*100+(Clay/Stone/Tron Nugget/Gold Nugget)*100+Rare Dress *3 (random)+Furniture*3 (random)+Theme pack*1

    $ 19.90
  • Heroic Package

    Bells*60M+Nook Miles Ticket*2000+Fish Baits*1000+Golden Tool recipe*6 +(Tree Branch/Wood/Soft wood/Hard wood)*900+(Clay/Stone/Tron Nugget/Gold Nugget)*900+Rare Dress*30
    (random)+Furniture*30 (random)+Theme pack*5+DIY recipe*3+Latest art set (70 pieces)

    $ 39.90
  • Wood Package 1

    Tree Branch/Wood/Soft wood/Hard wood *30

    $ 1.65
  • Wood Package 2

    Tree Branch/Wood/Soft wood/Hard wood*90

    $ 3.45
  • Wood Package 3

    Tree Branch/Wood/Soft wood/Hard wood*900

    $ 17.56
  • Nugget Package 1

    Clay/Stone/Tron Nugget/Gold Nugget*30

    $ 1.65
  • Nugget Package 2

    Clay/Stone/Tron Nugget/Gold Nugget*90

    $ 3.45
  • Nugget Package 3

    Clay/Stone/Tron Nugget/Gold Nugget*900

    $ 17.88
  • Golden Tools 1

    Golden (Axe/Shovel/Rod/Net/Watering can/Slingshot)*1+Vaulting Pole+Ladder

    $ 22.75
  • Golden Tools 2

    Golden (Axe/Shovel/Rod/Net/Watering can/Slingshot)*3+Vaulting Pole+Ladder

    $ 45.50
  • Golden Tools 3

    Golden (Axe/Shovel/Rod/Net/Watering can/Slingshot)*10+Vaulting Pole+Ladder

    $ 113.76
  • Golden Tools 4

    Golden Tool Recipe (one of the six)

    Contact livechat for specifical recipes after order.

    $ 1.65
  • Golden Tools 5

    Golden Tool Recipe Set 50$ (including Axe/Shovel/Rod/Net/
    Watering can/Slingshot). 

    $ 8.25
  • Flowers 1

    Random 10 kinds of flower seeds*10 bags, 100 bags in total

    $ 4.95
  • Flowers 2

    Flower set 24 kinds of flower seeds*100 bags, 2400 bags in total

    $ 9.90
  • Flowers 3

    100 flower plants (All in flower)

    Contact livechat for specific flower plants and their colors.

    $ 16.50
  • Flowers 4

    500 flower plants (All in flower)

    Contact livechat for specific flower plants and their colors.

    $ 49.49
  • DIY Recipes 1

    Star series (11 kinds)/Shell series (14 kinds)/ Bamboo series (20 kinds)/Gold series (9 kinds)/Cherry series (14 kinds)/ Easter series (22 kinds)/Ice series (15 kinds)/Space series (13 kinds)/ Iron series (20 kinds)/Wooden-block series (10 kinds/Wooden series (16 kinds)/ Other furniture DIY Recipes

    Contact livechat for specific DIY recipes after order.

    $ 29.90
  • DIY Recipes 2

    All DIY recipes (more than 500 recipes)

    $ 82.48
  • Models 1

    Random 10 models

    $ 6.60
  • Models 2

    Random 50 models

    $ 24.74
  • Models 3

    All 180 models

    $ 46.19
  • Fossil 1

    One dinosaur fossil set (Skull+Torso+Tail)

    Contact livechat for the specific dinosaur fossil.

    $ 1.65
  • Fossil 2

    All 27 kinds of dinosaur fossils

    $ 46.19

Animal Crossing Package

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