• Hot sale: ESO gold

    03/31, 2017

  • SWTOR credits: cheap price and fast delivery

    01/13, 2017

  • Video: Why SSEGOLD can be the best site to buy FFXIV gil

    02-17, 2017

    Thanks for watching.It’s now the 11th year for SSEgold to provide our service to you. As one of our main products, FFXIV gil is the always what we are proud of. Sufficient first-hand supply allow...

  • Blade & Soul PvP Guide

    04-28, 2017

    There are two types of PvP in Blade & Soul, personal PvP called Arena and large-scale PvP called World PvP.Arena Fighting with other fellow players, Arena is one of the best ways to show your...

  • Why Choose SSEGold To Buy FFXIV GIL

    04-27, 2017

    As we know, there are many mmogold selling websites. Then if you want to choose a website to buy FFXIV Gil, what aspects will you take into consideration? I think, firstly of all, you will take securi...

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Explansion New Job - Samurai

    04-21, 2017

    There will be a new job and two new character classes introduced to the Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood expansion. Since we know the first new class is Red Mage, the other is Samurai. If you want to buy ...

  • How to play FFXIV on the PlayStation PS4

    04-20, 2017

    For those of you having trouble logging in to the PS4 this morning, there have been several fixes for this issue. This guide is to give some solutions for those players who have problem playing FFXIV ...

  • Comments and suggests to BNS Secrets of the Stratus

    04-19, 2017

    With the Secrets of the Stratus living in Blade and Soul, there are some disadvantages of this new update. I want to give me comments and suggest some advice about Secrets of Stratus. If you want to b...

  • Revelation Online: Make sure your character name is longer than 4 letters due to a current bug

    04-13, 2017

    Due to a current bug in game--we are not able to search a character less than 4 letters long. While apparently there’s no problem creating a character with less than 4 letters. So to make su...

  • Blade and Soul Secrets of the Stratus Systems Changes

    04-07, 2017

    The next update brings a Hongmoon Training Room, Hongmoon Level 20, and skill overhaul.The Secret of the Stratus patch brings a Hongmoon Training Room, Hongmoon level 20 and skill overhaul. If you wan...

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