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  • Hot sale: ESO gold

    03/31, 2017

  • SWTOR credits: cheap price and fast delivery

    01/13, 2017

  • Attention: ESO User ID/PSN ID/Xbox GamerTag is needed, not your character name

    06-26, 2017

    Attention To ESO players,When you are placing an order for ESO gold and items, we require your unique User ID/PSN ID/Xbox GamerTag to send the goods, not your character name. Special notice to PC...

  • Video: How to Buy FFXIV Gil in faster and cheaper

    06-19, 2017

    FFXIV Stormblood 4.0 has begun, Are you looking for a store with the cheapest FFXIV Gil paysafecard ? As a prestigious FFXIV Gil store, SSEGOLD.COM think that we can meet the demands.What we sell in S...

  • Video: Why SSEGOLD can be the best site to buy FFXIV gil

    02-17, 2017

    Thanks for watching.It’s now the 11th year for SSEgold to provide our service to you. As one of our main products, FFXIV gil is the always what we are proud of. Sufficient first-hand supply allow...

  • How to Get free FFXIV Gil Fast in the game

    06-27, 2017

    How to Get free FFXIV Gil Fast in the game? I believe a lot of playing FFXIV players will think about this issue now, in-game FFXIV Gil to purchase job clothes, upgrade Jobs attributes, accessories, a...

  • FFXIV Palace Of The Dead: Requirements and Rewards

    06-26, 2017

    In FFXIV, Palace Of The Deads is an activity for us to get FFXIV Gil and experience. Some of the players do Palace Of The Deads activities, will invite friends to join.And friends together team will s...

  • FFXIV Stormblood Light Party dungeons: Lv.60-70

    06-23, 2017

    FFXIV Stormblood into the game these days, Many players are beginning to busy upgrading. You must want to know FFXIV Stormblood dungeons list, and to learn about FFXIV games, and if you ne...

  • FFXIV Stormblood Main Scenario Quests Lv.60 List

    06-22, 2017

    FFXIV Stormblood Main Scenario Quests is one of our main ways leveling up. What are the quests we'd better choose to do? And what are the exp and rewards of different levels in ffxiv Stormblood msq? N...

  • FFXIV Gil Restocking time confirmed to be on June 25

    06-21, 2017

    NoticeFellow Eorzeans,We have confirmed June 25 to be our restocking time (18:00-19:30 GMT 8). Currently several servers have been out of stock. If you have pending orders, you can contact us aft... One of the leading sites selling cheapest FFXIV gil and other game currencies/items/power leveling service. Professional mmorpg experience. Various game products. Multiple payment methods. Reliable and legit service.

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