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  • The cheapest and fastest ffxiv gil at

    04/01, 2015

  • Aion Kinah (US): cheap price and fast delivery

    05/26, 2015

  • FFXIV character Attributes and job Attributes

    06-29, 2015

    Different races start off with different base attributes.This article is to introduce FFXIV characterist Attributes and ...

  • How to register Heavensward Steam Version

    06-26, 2015

    As I have write a guide about how to register Heavensward Steam Version, this guide is to introduce how to register FFXIV Heavensward Steam Version.1. If you have bought FFXIV Heavensward on Steam, yo...

  • How to Register the Heavensward Expansion Pack

    06-25, 2015

    Good news!Every FFXIV player! Heavensward is now available to play!Just download the package and install on your PC or playstation! How to register Heavensward? Please refer to below steps correspondi...

  • DFO Strategies for New Players

    06-24, 2015

    As I have written a blog series of DFO strategies for new players. If you have ever read my DFO Strategies Series, you must have been going through much and known well of Silver Crown. You must have c...

  • FFXIV Crafting

    06-23, 2015

    Some FFXIV players think Crafting is pointless. They spend lots of time training skills to combat well, defeat monsters, improve magic, etc. While they ignore and don’ t have so much incentive to get ...

  • FFXIV Gil Will Be Greatly Needed in Heavensward

    06-19, 2015

    Ssegold, as a professional mmos game gold selling online store, has sold FFXIV Gil from the releasing of FFXIV. We often give discount on weekends, holidays and FFXIV activities date. With the coming ... One of the leading sites selling cheapest FFXIV gil and other game currencies/items/power leveling service. Professional mmorpg experience. Various game products. Multiple payment methods. Reliable and legit service.

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