• The cheapest and fastest ffxiv gil at ssegold.com

    04/01, 2015

  • Aion Kinah (US): cheap price and fast delivery

    05/26, 2015

  • How to solve FFXIV class and MP issue for beginners

    07-07, 2015

    Some players think it is hard to play a FFXIV class well. But I think that players don't know how to play a class doesn't mean it needs to be fixed. The only "inconsistency" of the AST job has to do w...

  • FFXIV FAQ Guide Part 4

    07-06, 2015

    In the past few years, I have played Final Fantasy from XI to XIV. FFXIV is such an amazing game that many young people and girls like so much. And I have write three FFXIV FAQ guides, which means I w...

  • Final Fantasy XIV Regarding the Heavensward Software

    07-03, 2015

    As I have write two articles about FFXIV Heavensward Register, I think there must be players wondering some software related to Heavensward. I collect lots of information from Heavensward official sit...

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